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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Your Deviant Desires - 05/10/2018: Tenderness

Sorry I haven't able to blog. I miss writing, and lately, my mind's been out of whack with concentration. Sometimes, I go through writer's block, where I can't think of anything, but tonight I'm going to give it a go, for a special someone.

It's been a while. I hope you're okay.


I anxiously wait for you
Hoping you’ll arrive
I’ve been away from you so long
I longed to feel your affection
I want to be close to you
Hold you
Then feel your kisses
Feel the heat from your breath
Taste the pheromone from your kiss
It’s been really long since I had that feeling from you
Don’t let the magic die
Don’t let spark end there
There’s so much more we need to explore
So much more we need to talk about.
Let me hold you
Kiss you
Have your body next top
Or on top of me
But most of all, let me this close to you once more.

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