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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Releasing On May 14th - A Thrill Seeking Relationship: Relationship Therapy

Since mid-April, I've been happy to announce the cover reveal of my next installment to A Thrill Seeking Relationship Series -- Relationship Therapy.

The story is about a married couple, Melissa and Trevor, who seeks counseling to help save their marriage, but the kind of counseling they receive was far from conventional; it was more hands on. And after going through therapy together, the two wonder if this would help save their marriage.

Thi story is a over 22k words, and it will have salacious scenes that will make you say wow. The book isn't due out until May 14, but I will say you better keep a fan aside as you're about to embrace on scenes in the story that have beg for more.

Plus, this is the first story in the series that will feature some BDSM elements. I admit, I had fun writing in the story, and I'm hoping you'll find the same here. 

Be on a lookout for Relationship Therapy, on May 14th. 

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