Love Out Of Lust Series

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Your Deviant Desires - 04/29/2018: Finally Alone

“We’re finally alone together,” Tavarius said to Gwen when he sat straight on the black futon sofa.

“Finally,” Gwen replied as she sauntered up the steps of the attic. She expressed a sensuous grin.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Tavarius asked when he slipped out of his boxers.

Gwen returned a naughty grin. “Mmmhmm…”

Gwen slipped out of her underwear and stepped over it, as she walked over to Tavarius. She admired a beautiful man, with dark chocolate skin and a chiseled body. She licked her lips naughtily when she leaned over him.

Tavarius placed his hand over her curves. The feel of his warm, calloused hands already made her wet with need. She felt the delicious aches in her core, as his hands moved around her body to her ass. She loved the way his fingers squeezed into the flesh of her ass, as she felt herself being pulled closer to him. She felt his warm, wet lips over her skin. Gwen savored the feeling of his slow sensuous licks and kisses, especially over her navel button.

She exhaled a moan, “It feels so good.”

She felt his hand move around her body, and her white tank top lifted over her breasts. Gwen felt Tavarius’s tongue latch on to one of her nipples. He licked them erotically, causing her to emit another moan. Gwen returned her ardor for Tavarius, placing her hands over his shoulders, while she felt his hand move around her back, and slide down to the crook of her ass. He moved away and looked into her eyes. She loved the look on his face, as he was drunk with lust. She leaned in and kissed his lips.

The two shared a very erotic kiss. She loved how his tongue swirled against hers. His kisses were strong and demanding, fueling her desire even more. She felt his hardness against her lap. He was nice and hard, and all she could think of was straddling on top of him and ride him nice and hard. The urge was too much to resist for the foreplay; she needed him inside her.

She placed one leg over his lap, and then another. Gwen reached for his shaft and held him under her, as she lowered herself on to him. The feeling of him stretching her caused her to gasp. He was a nice fit. So wonderful, that even Tavarius let out a groan.

“Oh fuck!” He growled silently. “You’re so wet.”

“You make me that way,” Gwen replied, as she cradled her fingers over his shoulders. “Your cock feels so good inside me.”

Gwen began to gyrate her hips. Her eye flutter closed, as she lolled her head back and let out another gasp. She emitted another moan, and she loved how Tavarius pulled her body closer to him, as the two kissed again.

The two moved together in sync. Gwen felt his movements, and she moved along with his. His fingers dug into the flesh of her ass, and their pants increased. With every movement she met, Gwen felt a delicious glow rapidly growing inside her. She held on to Tavarius tightly. He was taking her there – to the point of no return. Even his pants and grunts were increasing, and the two developed a perfect storm for their release.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!” Gwen warned. “Oh fuck, let’s cum together!”

And then it hit her, like a flame to a match. Gwen bucked her hips and rested her head over his shoulder, as she rode out her orgasm. She let out a beautiful feminine sound of pleasure. Tavarius wasn’t to far from his climax. His growls increased, as she felt him release his load inside her. She was in mid-orgasm, determined to milk him hard and dry, until the very last drop of him. It was so intense.

The two took a deep breath through their nose when they kissed. Their kiss was ravenous, overpowering one and another with their kisses. Gwen was suddenly limp from her pleasure, that she broke away from her kiss and rested her head over his shoulder. She needed to catch her breath.

The two remained entwined together. Then they looked at each other and laughed. Gwen placed her hand over his head when she said, “That was so wonderful.”

“The kids are away, and we have the house all to ourselves for the weekend.”

“Too bad, we’ll have to pick them up at your mother’s tomorrow.” Gwen said when she kissed him.

Tavarius smiled. “Then let’s make the most of today.”

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