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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Your Deviant Desires - 04/19/2018: Home For a Quickie

Jake came home from work, both tired, but horny. All day, all he could ever want was to be this close to his woman, Cleo. He couldn’t wait to get home, and naked, kiss her and fuck her. Ever since he left the house, all he could do was think of returning home and get back between her legs. All day he thought of having delicious, dirty thoughts with this woman. And even though it’s been eight hours, he missed being in the bedroom and in her arms.

That morning, he shared the deepest morning kiss with her. Cleo had such a wonderful way to take his breath away, and more so he loved her beautiful curvy body that came along with it. How he missed running his hands over the softness of her curves, and the feeling of her luscious thighs. What he loved most was her ass. He had told her multiple times how wanted to do such dirty things to her, especially when the two were in a doggystyle position. In fact, the thoughts of Cleo left him so hard, he couldn’t wait to get a moment on the phone and send her a text to get naked, and in position when he came home. He had plans for her, and since the two didn’t have enough time to do it in the morning, he intended to make it up for her in the evening. He wanted her badly. He was hard; so ready that when he got home he hoped Cleo was naked and ready for him.

He pulled the car up the driveway and set the car on park. He shut off the engine and pushed open the door, slipping out of the car, where he left the rest of his stuff inside. He was at the doorsteps, when he reached for his keys and unlocked the door.

He stormed through the mudroom and took of his jacket. Instead of hanging his jacket up, he threw his jacket over the sofa and then kicked off his shoes before running up the steps to see Cleo, his beautiful girlfriend.

He made it to the top floor and undid his shirt. When he stopped at a closed door, he placed his hand over the doorknob and burst inside, where he saw Cleo kneeling on the bed. She was beautiful. Naked. Her voluptuous beauty left Jake briefly mesmerized, where he took off his belt and pants. He slipped out of his shirt, as he was anxious to join Cleo and be close to her.

He was naked – solid hard. Jake got on the bed and moved behind Cleo, where she turned back with a naughty grin, allowing him to kiss her lips. His cock was placed firm over the crook of her ass, when he wrapped his arm over her chest, and placed his hand over her neck, pulling her kisses closers, where both Jake and Cleo shared a passionate kiss.

Cleo spoke in her kisses. “I love with when you send me dirty messages.”

“I’m so glad that you got naked for me,” Jake growled. “Now are you ready for me.”

“Oh yes,” she purred, “give it to me deep.”

And Jake intended it with pleasure, where he allowed her to get on her hands and knees, showing her pussy and ass in front of him. Cleo’s ass was shapely, round and beautiful. He waited all day to come home fuck her, and now she was there, in front of him, ready to fuck her.

He didn’t want any resistance. So Jake placed his hand over his lips and dropped a wad of spit over it, where he applied it over his hardness and , just enough to push himself inside her.

He held himself and placed the tip of shaft over her slit. Jake pushed in; Cleo let out a squealing sound, as he stretched her and filled her. Cleo not only felt wet, but hot inside. It was the feeling he had been long for a long time. He pushed all the way deep, to make sure not only she got the full of him, but he got the full feel of her. He was in balls deep that he placed his hand over her should to hold himself in.

Jake let out a growl. “Ah, finally I’ve waited all day for this.”

Cleo squealed out, “Me too. Give it to me, please.”

Jake moved his hips back and forth. His thrusts were slow, but as the two developed a rhythm together Jake’s thrusts picked up with speed. He pumped her hard and deep, causing her ass to smack along with his thrusts. Cleo was very wet. Each thrust he gave had her panting and moaning.

Jake looked down at her ass and placed his hand over it. He gave it a nice smack, which increased her moans. Cleo was loving it, and she demanded him to smack her ass harder, and harder. Jake loved it, and he happily obliged when he continued to smack her ass, but he was soon lost in his momentum when he gripped her hips and pounded her with furious strokes. Both Jake and Cleo were panting heavily. Cleo’s moans quickly turned into screams of pleasure. Jake rocked her body like there was no tomorrow. He looked over, and saw Cleo’s hands clenching on the bed sheets, and Jake felt the sudden surge for a release. He couldn’t slow his pace, even if he tried. His balls felt a tightening, trembling sensation. Jake was on the verge of cumming, and there was no stopping.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum all over her ass!” Cleo shouted.

And in just in time, Jake pulled out and jerked himself, shooting his load all over her ass. He let out a guttural sound of pleasure as he watched his load spill all over her ass and back. His breathing had soon evened out when he was spent, and when it was over Jake smack Cleo’s ass, indicating that it was over. Jake was so out of energy that he collapsed on the bed; Cleo rested on her stomach as the two caught their breaths.

There was a moment of silence in the bedroom. No words were expressed, Cleo giggled. He wondered what was wrong, and when met her playful gaze. Cleo asked, “That was fun. So tell me, how was your day?” 

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