Love Out Of Lust Series

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Your Deviant Desires - 04/16/2018: Passion

Let me kiss your lips
Taste off the essence of your lust
Let me take in the flavor of your desire.
Meet my tongue around yours, and receive the same fervor in response
I want to feel your body
Pull it close to me
Feel it close to me
I want to explore everything about you.

Feel your curves, as I anticipate so much about you.
Give me your body
Share your desire to me.
Let me caress you, while I make love to your mouth
Give me the feeling of confidence
I will give you the feeling of love
Allow my body to press against you
Let me undress you with my cavalier moves
Place your hand against mine
Return your endearment that I long for
All I think of is your body on this soft fabric

My face is pressed against you
My body is grinding against you
And we’re in sudden motion together.
You lips were so inviting, as well as your body
There’s no need to rush things
Let’s just take slow
My hand over your thigh
Your leg over my ass
Then the sudden push we’ve been waiting for
The feeling of me suddenly inside you
Stretching you
Filling you

All the dirty thought roam through our minds
As we grind the night away
We work together to seek the ultimate pleasure
Filling our body and minds with the most natural drug
Your softness is mold against my hardness
There is so much to explore, and our passion resembles the sand of time.
In and out, I’m bucking inside you
We’re breathing against each other
Feigning for more
The moans, the squeals, your sounds music to my ears
The passion, the beads of sweat, yes the sex is the great
We keep going until our climax breaks.
Dirty cries and dirty shouts, our body craves for more
Then we lie together in bliss, as our kisses crave for more.

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