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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Your Deviant Desires - 04/10/2018: The Goddess Within

This poem is dedicated to those who feel they're not someone important to others,
but forget how valuable they are to others.


Don’t you worry what other’s see
Just see what I see
You’re the one who opens my mind
You’re the one that makes me see the beauty in you
And on you
Your expressive eyes and smile stays etched in my mind
I look forward to it every day
You possess the beauty that soothes me
Comfort me
You make feel at peace when I think of you
And aroused

I look at you, and I want to do more than just kiss you.
I want to hold you
Tell you sweet words
Praise you at how great you are, and how you make me feel
You probably don’t see that in yourself, but I do.
I see you
Beauty beyond skin deep

All the others may judge
Others may underestimate you
But those who judge are too vain to see their true reflection
They just demand to be loved
Many have a heart filled with just emptiness
Not you
I notice a heart that pure gold.
You don’t even need to command respect
Your beautiful nature is given the need by others
You are worship because of your beautiful heart
You are my Goddess.

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