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Monday, April 2, 2018

Your Deviant Desires - 04/02/2018: A Devil's Threesome

This poem I wrote was an inspiration by a reader that mentioned the term 
of a 'Devil's Threesome'

When I first heard of this poem, my mind was quickly jumped into typing my interpretation of the meaning, and I thought I could put my own twist to it in 435 words.

My Master warned me
In order to stay innocent
Hold my purity
Hold my commitment
I must keep away from you two
I thought I was born free
I was complacent with my Master
Until I crossed path with two

Two souls
Free at will
Bound by no rules
Demons disguised as Angels
I was warned to stay away from
Instructed to resist temptation for them
Do not be drawn to them
Nor speak of them
Never think of them.
I was told to let their words fall on deaf ears
Until I heard something that spoke to me

The words were seductive
A language that drew me
They brought out something that was buried inside me
Suddenly, I was drawn to them.
I was given knowledge
The knowledge my Master would never teach
Free will
Listening to my impulses
Forgetting the rules
And find my own identity

My eyes finally opened
But I was confused
I questioned everything
However, I came to realize
Who I served only believe in conformity
Never offering me my own strength
Only exploiting my own weaknesses
My Master’s objective was to have me worship the steps
But objecting to my own self-discovery
I was not my Master’s equal
Just a slave for someone else’s purpose.

The paths I crossed provided me knowledge
To listen to my own desires
Fight for what I want
Accept who I am without shame
They even showed me pleasure I never experience
One showed me joy
The other showed me independence
I was in a bliss
Until I realized the devil in the details
Two devils feeding off my body and soul
Converting me into something I won’t return back to

They inject me with the sweet taste of poison
I suddenly realized I belong to them.
I too was in need
The need for comfort
The need to feel good
The need to be loved
What has happened to me?
I feel my soul was taken away
And I’m back where I’m started
I thought I was given free will
But now I’m bounded by two

I was fed a lie
Seduced with the promises
That resulted to be controlled by needs
I was given the knowledge
But the demons were now inside me
I’m filled with a blessing and curse
A blessing that prides me
A curse that will stain me
But I also attain the knowledge they were not aware
A way to be truly free
Until then, I will enjoy the ride they given me
The Devil’s Threesome
Two in Me
But I’m aware they need me more than I need them.

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