Love Out Of Lust Series

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Your Deviant Desires - 04/01/2018: Athena's Daring Fantasy

Was Athena sure about doing this?

A dare? Why did she agree to it?

Athena accepted a dare from her friend Jillian that she couldn’t live out a sexual fantasy without any regrets. It all happened on a drunken night, where she was dared by her best friend to be gangbanged by a group of horny men, in the middle of nowhere, and when she accepted the challenged she thought Jillian was bullshitting about holding her to it. She never thought Jillian was capable of making it happen, but when her did Athena was stunned, and now she had to keep up her end of the bargain.

Jillian mentioned there were going to be lots of men. How she managed to pull it off was a mystery for her, and even when she asked Jillian never answered. In fact, she grinned back at her. It was now up to Athena to keep her end of the bargain to explore her long awaited sexual fantasy.

Athena was an attractive woman, in her late thirties, with shoulder-length dark hair and pale features. She had the most expressive blue eyes that would captivate any man, and a voluptuous figure she had bloomed over the years. While she fitted in her garter belt, her heart suddenly thrummed with excitement, but her nerves were jangling through her fingertips. She had never done it before, and what she was about to embark on was what many dreamed of doing, and since the opportunity was presented to her Athena was going to take it.

She slipped on a pair of fishnet stockings, and connected the straps on to them. Athena slipped in her bra, and then stood in the tall stand-in mirror in her bedroom to get a good look at herself. She turned herself from side to side, as she took admiration of her appearance. In the back of her mind, she was still in disbelief with herself going through this, and actual reality was about to happen, and she was going to be alone in the room with a group of hard men, ready to pound the fuck out of her. Those delicious thoughts left a strong delicious ache in her center, and she felt the urge to get herself off before arriving at her own private party.

Athena slipped in her slinky cocktail dress. It had been many years since she worn it, and she was amazed at how well it fitted. She fixed her hair, and put on a little makeup. Athena didn’t apply much, since she was going to be naked and sweaty with a group of men. She only applied just enough to accentuate her beauty, and a lip gloss to help shimmer her lips.

She was done, just in time to hear Jillian pull up to her apartment complex and take her out of town, where she was taken to a single-story home in the middle of nowhere, on a hill, overlooking a woodsy area and a highway nearby. It was the perfect place; no neighbors, and no one to hear them scream out of pleasure, of course.

Jillian pulled the car into the driveway. Athena felt her heart pound against her chest. The moment of fear had almost set in, telling her to back out of it, while the moment of joy and excitement told her to go forward. Athena wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was dying to go forward, telling herself how she longed wanted this fantasy to come true.

She took a long deep breath, psyching herself up for readiness. She imagined the number of hard cocks that was left for her – all for her, and Athena was feeling greedy over how many men were going to be there. She hoped there were lots of them, each of them taking turns on her while her mouth was full. She was prepared to have all her holes filled for as many men possible. She was now consumed with lust.

She looked over to Jillian, and noticed her smile. The smile Jillian wore was a wicked one. Athena knew what her smiled meant. Jillian didn’t have to say anything, and she was such a better friend when she reached in her compartment and took something out of there.

“Here, take this.” She handed Athena a rolled-up joint and a lighter in her hand. “It’ll relax you. I remembered my first time doing this. Plus, it feels so much hotter during sex.”

“Thanks,” Athena took the joint off her hand. She opened the door and slid out of the car. She hesitate to close the door when she looked back at Jillian. “I’ll be fine, you know.” Even though, in the back of her mind, she was nervous as fuck.

“Oh, I know you’ll be fine.” Jillian twinkled at her. “I’ll pick you up in the morning.”

“In the morning?” Athena was in disbelief. Did she hear what Jillian said, in the morning?

“Yup, you’re staying the night there, and you’ll thank me later.”

Jillian pulled the door closed, leaving Athena stunned. She didn’t anticipate to stay overnight. Jillian was going to leave her all alone in the middle of nowhere, possibly without no food in a skimpy outfit. Could she handle it? What the hell had she gotten herself into?

Her friend Jillian drove off, leaving her all alone. Athena stood there and watched as her friend’s car disappeared. She was officially alone, in front of a house, wondering how many men were inside. She hesitate to go in, and instead Athena put the joint in her mouth and lit up. She took a long pull, as she wanted the high to set in her body. She felt her nipples harden under her bra, and her core throb from the delicious aches. She smoked the joint far enough until she felt the high set in. It didn’t take long. Athena wanted to feel the feeling when she was alone in the house with all those men. She relished the thought of it.

She finished the joint and dropped the roach clip on the floor. Athena then walked up the steps, and placed her hand on the door handle. She used her thumb and pressed down the latch to open the door. Athena walked in, and felt the rush of air hit her skin. Her skin tingled from the anticipation as she entered the house. She closed the door behind her; Athena was nervous. She walked through the foyer and entered the living room.

She stood by and scanned around. Athena noticed a set of pillows on the floor, and two leather sofas. The living room was re-arranged, but no one was in the room. Athena could feel the anticipation growing. She was now ready to play. She noticed two bottles of lube on standing under the lamp, on the sofa table. She knew there was going to be some serious action going on.

She stepped further in the living room and looked around more. There she saw a group of men, about five of them, sitting in the dinning room. Five of them; all were waiting for her to arrive. Athena was frozen at what she saw them. They were shirtless and sexy. She didn’t know what to say when one of them stood up. He had short dark hair, with tattoos over his sculpted chest. The man had piercing eyes that had Athena all weak in the knees. Athena wasn’t sure if it was the high from the joint, or something else, but she already felt undressed from his eyes.

He spoke in a breathy tone, in a European accent. “You must Athena; Jillian’s best friend.”

Her look was a pure wanton of lust. “Uh-huh.”

“I’m Serg.” He then held out his hand and turned himself towards the men, as he introduced. “These are my men, Wesley, Jax, Vidal, and Grey.”

Athena tried her best to keep composure. She gave a wave and a flirty smile. Athena was so excited.

“Are you nervous?” Serg asked.

Athena shook her head, denying that she was nervous, but deep down inside she was two seconds away from being a wreck, and only moments away from a sexual wreck. She watched as the men rose from their chairs and approached her.

She felt herself being surrounded by these men; Serg, Wesley, Jax, Vidal, and Grey. Wesley was a muscular man with hairy chest and a frame that had her panties soaking. Jax was the gorgeous, dark-skinned man that had a face fresh off the men’s magazine cover, and a carved body that she could run her fingers over. Vidal who was also dark-skinned spoke to her with a peculiar accent. When she learned this man was from Brazil, her heart jumped. She had always dreamed of doing exotic men, and the way he spoke had her nipples poke under her bra. Then lastly, she heard Grey’s voice, another exotic man, but not from an exotic place. He was from England, and he spoke with such a manner that had Athena begging to touch herself. She was both high and aroused, and anxious.

The men surrounded her. Athena felt the heat from their bodies. Her breathing grew, and she felt the stares from the men grow intense. She was ready, and she wanted it. She didn’t give a shit, but all this wonderful heat happening felt good. Fuck, she was in for a night of fun.

She felt the swarm of hand roam over her body. Athena remained still, watching herself get consumed by the sea of hands. Serg’s hands were over her breasts, while Jax groped her ass. Both Vidal and Grey joined in when they lifted her dress and placed heir hands inside her thong. She was wet – dripping wet. Athena watched Wesley undress as the men groped and fingered her. Her legs parted while she watch Wesley slip out of his jeans. His cock sprung out. He was big. Impressive. The high from her own arousal set in so perfectly that she felt herself being taken to the set of pillows on the floor. Things were about to get real dirty.

“Let’s get her out of her dress,” Serg said to the men.

“She’s so beautiful. So luscious.” Wesley growled.

Athena felt her dress being lifted over her body, while the men slipped out of their jeans. They were all naked, one by one, and when she felt her thong being pulled away Athena began to touch herself, until she felt her hand moved away by Wesley. She watched him bury his face between her legs, taking her nub in his mouth.

Athena gasped. She gasped as loud and breathless as she could. Wesley targeted her clit with determination, while Athena felt herself being surround under a group of hard cocks. They were stroking themselves. Each of them had impressive sizes, and the feeling she felt left her burning with need. She felt a set of hands over her breasts. She didn’t care who’s hands they were, but she loved the feeling of it when one of them slipped inside her bra, pulling out one of her breasts, as they pinched and teased her nipples. She even felt a light slap by them. Athena managed to steal a look, and saw it was Serg slapping them. He wasn’t rough, and the slap had her body begging for more.

Wesley buried his face deeper between her legs. Athena lolled her head back and relished the feeling of it. She let out a squeal when she felt his fingers slip inside her fold. They were fucking amazing. Athena lied on a bunch of pillows as the men fondled and licked her body.

Wesley pulled his face away, but kept his fingers inside her pussy. Athena was now this dirty wanton woman that was being fingered by not just Wesley, but by two more men. Both Jax and Vidal placed their hands over pussy and ass. Both her holes were being fingered, and Athena was loving it. She couldn’t help but convulse from the sudden pleasure, and to add more to her delight she took Serg’s cock in her mouth when he pointed it over her lips.

She tasted him. She even loved the way he sounded when she moved her mouth over his rigidness. Her pussy and ass were being fingered, stretched open while her breasts were being fondled. She was too busy to know what was going on, but what they were doing to her felt good.

Then Serg pulled his cock out of her mouth and said, “Let’s sit her up, boys. Give our sweet girl all of our cocks.”

Athena obliged, when the men moved away, allowing her to stand on her knees and take the men in her cock. Their cocks were gorgeous; all five of them for her to enjoy. She took Serg back in her mouth. She felt him push and shunting her. Then he pulled out, and Athena took Jax’s cock in her mouth, and then Vidal’s. Athena took turns on the men, tasting all their musky flavors while she fingered herself. She felt her breasts being fondled and groped. Her body was reeling with need, and the torment was too much to bear. Her lips were now over Grey’s cock, and when pulled away Athena grabbed his length and gave a nice stroke. She looked up and said to them, “I want to be fucked right now.”

“Let’s give it to her,” Jax growled out.

The men cheered like a pack of hungry wolves. Vidal sat on the pillows, while Athena leaned over and took him in her mouth. Her ass was arched up as she felt someone’s hands over her cheeks. She felt her ass slapped. It left a nice sting. Then she felt another slap, and then a couple more of in sequences.

“She has a lovely ass,” Grey said.

“Oh yes, she does,” Serg growled as he got in position.

Athena felt the head of his cock against her slit, and then a nice push as he stretched inside her. She let out a squeal, as she felt his girth fill her entirely.

Oh yes, it was exactly what she needed, a big fat cock shoved in her pussy. She even loved the how he placed both his hands on each side of her shoulders. His movements were slow but deep. Athena’s moans increased, but it was also muffled by Vidal’s cock in her mouth.

“Oh fucking yes; she so hot – and wet!” Serg growled heavily. “I just want to make her a hot fucking wreck.”

She loved how Serg expressed his desires for her. Athena loved the feeling of herself being rocked back and forth, while taking Vidal’s cock in her mouth. The other men surrounded her, like a couple of horny dogs, stroking themselves in their hands, as they anxiously waited for their turn with her. Serg’s thrusts suddenly grew intense. Athena took Vidal’s cock out of her mouth, and let out a scream of pleasure. Her ass was smacking against his hips. Serg gave her a delicious swell in her center, until he shoved in her deep and rested his body over hers.

He growled in her ear, and moved himself inside her more. “You’re so luscious.”

Athena felt the heat of his breath against her neck, and then his lick. His tongue darted along the side of her neck that had her body begging for me. She tried to wiggle herself against him, but Serg slipped out of her, leaving her pussy suddenly empty. She needed another filling.

A low groan escaped her lips when she said, “Put it back in.”

Serg licked her earlobe and whispered breathlessly. “A little later. Maybe I’ll surprise you when I join you.”

She could hardly wait.

He moved away from her, and Wesley moved in, positioning himself behind her as she felt his cock slip inside her. She felt him grab her by hips as he shoved his cock deep her pussy. Wesley began with slow paces, moving slowly in and out of her, until he picked up his pace slammed himself against her ass. She felt his balls slapping against her pussy, which made her delirious with pleasure.

She felt her body rocking back and forth from Wesley’s thrusts until he slowed down and pulled out of her.

The men sat on the sofa, and Athena leaned herself over Grey’s lap as she took his cock in her mouth. Vidal moved behind her and grabbed her by her hips. She felt his fat cock push inside her folds. He filled entirely with one movement, and began fucking her hard and deep.

Vidal slammed her, his momentum never skipped a beat. She heard his moans and groans, and each thrust he gave her Vidal was slapping the side of her ass, from one cheek over the next. It was what she needed.

When Vidal pulled out, he gave Athena another slap on her ass, and then he said. “Get on top of Grey. We’re going to stretch you even wider.”

Athena purred over his commanding request, but she wasn’t sure what she meant about being stretched wider, but she didn’t give a shit when she climbed on top of Grey. She straddled her legs over him and lowered herself on to him.

She let out a deepening moan. Athena gyrated her hips intensely as she felt her nipples being sucked and licked by gray. His hands were all over her ass, and she felt him smacking over her beautiful curved shaped. Athena gazed into his eyes, and without hesitation gave him a kiss. She felt his mouth opening along with hers, and his tongue slip inside her, where the two swirled their tongues together. Their kiss was an erotic dance happening, and while she kissed him Athena felt a set of hands over her shoulder, motioning her to lean forward.
She felt the heat of someone’s body, but it wasn’t Serg. When she broke away from her kiss and turned to her side to see who it was, Athena almost tensed up as she learned what the men were going to do to her. She knew she was going to be double-teamed, but she was a bit scared when she felt Vidal’s cock thumping on her ass.

“You have such a beautiful ass, Athena, but I wonder if you can take two dicks in your pussy?”

Her heart jumped when she repeated, “Two dicks?”

Vidal didn’t even answer. He kept his hand over her lower back and positioned himself, where he slid inside her. Athena let out another deepening moan. Never before, had she ever had two dicks inside her. The feeling was so intense, but delicious. There was a little pain, as she felt these men stretch her cervix apart, but fuck her pussy was full – so full.

She was even amazed at how the men didn’t mind mashing their cocks together, and they developed a wonderful rhythm, with Vidal taking turns on fucking her, and Grey doing the same. Soon, the men developed a rhythm where they moved their cocks in and out of her pussy. Athena’s pants and moans filled the living room. She was screaming out of pleasure, and as they fucked her Athena felt a deep swell inside her that had her wanting to burst with orgasm.

“Oh fuck! Holy shit, keep going!”

And the men did. Both of them were pushing and shunting inside her. She felt her hair grabbed by Vidal, and his grip was firm, but dominant, as he was in the middle of his pleasure.

She looked over to the other men – Serg, Jax, and Wesley. They were all stroking themselves. So fucking hot for her to watch.

Then Serg came up to her and held her by her chin. He leaned over and said something that lit her up like match. He stroked himself in his hand and said, “Cum for me. I’m going in after you cum.”

“Oh fuck!” And upon his command, Athena came. She felt a wave of pleasure overtook her body like never before. The men fucked her non-stop, until she rode out her orgasm. The feeling of two cock mashed inside her pussy left a wonderful, explosive feeling in her body. They had her limp, and the men held themselves inside her. It was, so far, the best fucking orgasm she’s had in a long time; the feeling of two dicks in her pussy not only left her satisfied, but hungry for more.

Vidal pulled out, and stepped away. Grey was still inside her, but not for long. Serg moved himself behind and grabbed by her ass. He gave her ass a nice hard smack, and pushed the head inside her, joining Grey inside her pussy.

The fucking continued. Athena now had two men in her pussy. Her pants and moaned continued, while Jax reached over for the bottle of lube, and flipped open the top. He poured some over his shaft, and handed the bottle of lube to Wesley who did the same. Wesley handed Vidal a bottle of lube, and poured some liberally around his shaft. He handed Serg the bottle of lube, where he poured some over her tight hole.

Athena felt the lube drip down her crack and over her anus. It was a little cold, but she knew where it was going, and after that wonderful orgasm Athena felt relaxed and ready to take two in both her holes at the same time.

Serg asked, “Are you ready?”

“Uh-huh,” Athena replied. “Give it to me.”

Serg pulled out of her, leaving Grey to remain inside her. She felt Serg’s thumb press firmly inside her tight hole. Grey continued to move inside her; Athena took in the feeling of it. She felt a little tightness, but it felt good anyway. Serg was getting her nice and ready for his entry. He pulled his thumb out, and Athena felt the tip of his cock over her tight entrance. She took a long deep breath, as she leaned forward and rested on top of Grey.

“Just relax,” Serg said, as he pushed the head of his cock inside her tight hole.

Athena face suddenly contorted from the tight feeling of Serg’s cock in her ass. She had done anal, but never before had she ever had someone in her pussy and in her ass. The feeling was intense, but she loved it. There was a little pain, but it soon morphed away as Serg worked himself further in her ass. He pushed past the tight ring in her ass, filling her with his length entire. It was an unbelievable, yet delicious feeling. She didn’t think she was capable of handling it, but fuck she surprised that she was able to.

The men slowly worked out a rhythm together. Athena was already getting used to Serg’s size, and the feeling grew even better as the men developed a rhythm together. Serg braced himself against the backrest of the sofa while Gray slammed inside of her. Both of her holes were taking a wonderful assault by their cocks, and Athena was feeling the pressure in her belly building. Her nerves were tense; very achy. She was in a desperate need for another release, and fuck I was coming harder than the first one.

Athena let out a quick gasp and a moan. She levered herself up and down, taking both cock as the worked in tandem inside her. She even loved the feeling of their balls slapping away, as Serg said, “Oh fuck, you’re so nice and tight.”

Athena responded back, “Fuck, you’re so tight, I’m gonna fucking cum again!”

And she was crying out of pleasure when she came. Her body not only surrendered to their brutal fucking, but to her own wave of pleasure which was more intense than her first one. Serg clinched her hair with his hand. His touch was filled with pure dominance, and his thrusts were now suddenly intense. Then…

“Oh fuck,” Grey howled. “I can’t hold back any longer. I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh yes, give it to me!” Athena said to Grey. “Give me that hot fucking cum!”

And he did. Grey straightened himself inside her and let out a guttural sound of pleasure when he shot his load. It was hot. She felt his dick throb inside her pussy, pumping his load deep in her walls of pleasure. Her eyes fluttered shut, savoring the feeling of Grey’s orgasm. She loved the feeling of his cum shooting deep inside her.

Grey’s pants and grunts soon even out. He was now relaxed, and Athena knew it was over, but he remained inside her, still hard.

Serg picked up where he left off, but instead of picking up his pace. He pumped Athena’s ass slowly, where he let out a low deepening groan.

“Hold still,” he growled, “I’m almost there.”

Serg moved inside her ass at a steady pace. He buried himself further inside her ass, and grunted he shot his hot load inside her. He buck and jerked, while Athena stilled herself to take in his climax.

She felt the weight of his body over her back, and whispered in her ear. “Your body felt so delicious. I think they want to feed you with their cum.”

She could hardly wait. She was in a sheer rapture from Serg’s and Grey’s orgasm. Serg pulled out of her ass and gave it a nice slap. Athena got off of Grey, giving him a chance to get off the sofa.

She felt the cum drip down her legs. Both her pussy and ass felt empty and sore, and the rest of the men looked at her hungrily.

Jax got off the sofa and said. “My turn. I’m almost there.” He motioned her over the seat of the sofa. “Get down.”

Athena obliged by his request. She leaned over the sofa, and felt Jax push himself inside her ass. The feeling of him stretching inside her tight hole wasn’t so painful. She was so lubricated by Serg’s cum that she was able to get used to Jax’s size. She heard his low growl, but felt his deepening thrusts.

Athena felt his the cum dripping out of her pussy, but she didn’t give a shit as she reached under herself and rubbed her clit. She needed another release – a good fucking release. Jax was hammering her ass away, and she felt his thrust deepening.

“Oh fuck!” He howled. “Oh fuck!” Jax hissed when buried his cock deep in her ass. His balls rested against her slit. Athena felt his dick twitch inside her ass, and then a shot of cum burst inside her. He continued to howl out. “Oh yeah! Fuck, that felt hot!”

He could say that again. Athena remained on the sofa as she took in his deepening strokes. She continued to rub her fingers against her clit, also fingering herself in the process. She felt Jax’s deepening throb until it waned away. When he pulled out, Athena was craving for more. There were at least two more.

Wesley walked over to her and said “Lie down on the pillows.”

She moved away from the sofa and lay down on the pillows. Wesley moved himself before. Her pussy and ass was drenched with all the cum; they didn’t seem to care if it dripped over the pillow. She watched as Wesley stroked himself vigorously, but before he shoved his cock in, Serg and Grey towered over and held themselves in their hand. Athena happily obliged to take one of their cocks in her mouth, licking off the flavor while Wesley buried himself inside her pussy.

She was in a sea of pleasure. Her body was rocking back and forth. Wesley held on to her thighs and slammed into her deep. The slapping noises continued. Athena was busied with now busy taking three more cock in her mouth; Serg, Grey, and Vidal, while Jax sat back to regain himself.

She took turns taking their cocks in her mouth, one by one, until Serg let out a guttural sound of pleasure, jerking himself vigorously as he shot his load all over her face. Athena didn’t hesitate to open her mouth. She was already messy from the wonderful feeling, and she took in Serg’s load in her mouth, and she didn’t hesitate to swallow. Grey’s climax soon followed, but instead of cumming in her mouth he came all over her tits. Athena felt the warm spray of Grey’s cum all over her body, but it got even better when she heard Wesley howled. He pulled out and held himself over her pussy. Athena felt his cum shot all over her pussy, before he buried himself back inside her to finish the rest of his orgasm.

Athena panted and moan, as she felt Wesley pumping his load deep inside her. She noticed the look on Wesley’s face as he indicated how relieve he was. She was relieved too, and when he withdrew it was only Vidal left to finish her off.

He moved himself on top of her and said, “Ever had a man cum inside you twice.”

Her heart thrummed when she answered, “No.”

“Well you’re about to.” He said, holding her up by her thighs and slipping his cock inside her folds.” He moved his hips. “First I’m gonna cum inside your pussy. Then, I’m gonna cum inside your ass.”

What Vidal said what he was going to do to her. “Oh fuck! Do it!”
Vidal pumped her hard and deep he leaned his body over and held himself up, allowing Athena’s feet to touch the floor. He commanded, “Lick my nipple. I love cumming while a girl licks my nipple.”

Athena obliged. She lifted her head and latched on to his nipple. She clamped her teeth on to his nipple; Vidal slammed into her. His thrusts were deep; his heat was reeling. Athena curled her arm over his back and continued to lick his nipple. Vidal grunts were loud. He pushed his weight onto her as he came deep inside her.

His breathing was ragged, but his movements inside her continued; they were intense. His cum filled her pussy beyond capacity. She even felt him spilling out of her. If only she could slid her hand over her clit and get herself off once more. Fuck, she needed a release.

Then Vidal held himself inside her and raised himself. He pulled out and lifted Athena’s body with his legs. He was still hard, and determined to give her another dose of his cum. He stroked himself and guided himself against her tight entrance.

Athena lolled her head back and fluttered her eyes closed. Vidal’s cock was long, and it had some girth. She felt him probing his cock inside her tightness, until her ass met his hips. He slammed into her hard and deep, leaving Athena the feeling to touch herself once more. Her fingers were all over her clit, while she watched him buck in and out of her ass.

She panted, “Give me to me, please.”

Vidal closed his eyes. His face was contorted; so was Athena’s. She wore a contorted expression as her fingers moved furiously over clit. The sweet swell of pleasure moved around her body. She quivered. Her moans were loud as it filled the room.

“Fucking give to me! Cum in me deep!” Athena screamed, “Cum in me deep!” She was suddenly lost in her moment when she reached her orgasm.

And while she was in mid-orgasm, she heard Vidal’s matching screams as he held himself and came deep inside her ass. It was the best fucking feeling ever, two people cumming together at the same time, even if they were seconds apart; so fucking mind-blowing.

Vidal suddenly collapsed on top of her. His body was drenching with sweat, and Athena loved it. She even broke a sweat from the powerful release; the kind that could’ve put her in a coma, but worth it.

His cock began to wane inside her ass and fell out of her. The two looked at each other and gave a kiss. He moved himself off of her, and helped Athena up. She wore an ecstatic look on her face. What these men did to her will change her forever, and she was glad to go with the dare she challenged Jillian with.

“Holy shit,” Athena said to them. “That was amazing.”

“Even more amazing, as you spend the night with us. I hope you’re hungry, because we’re all great cooks.”

Athena narrowed her eyes with a naughty grin. If this was an overnight stay, she wouldn’t mind spending a couple of more nights with these sexy men.