Love Out Of Lust Series

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Your Deviant Desire - 04/05/2018: Ever Fantasized?

Ever want to be alone, and in the mood to feel a set of hands roam over her body? The feeling of his warmth against your skin, as he touching the side of your curves and lands soft licks behind your neck to make you weak wet. Can you envision it?

Let me give you an imagination when I kiss the side of your neck, slowly working him hands along the side of her curves with my slow hands, as I nuzzle further down your neck. I could feel you arching your ass against mine, and you’re wiggling against my hardness.

My hands move around your body, and you could feel one slide under your bra, while my other hand reaches down there and cup your pussy. Tell me how wet are you? How horny do you feel when my fingers reaches inside you, touching the very thing that makes your body respond?

I can envision you – your mysterious beauty. I can envision you in a beautiful black bra, and underwear, looking at yourself in the mirror, watching me behind you, as I caress and kiss you, leaving you with the anticipation of what I’ll do next, because what I see in the mirror is the reflection of the most wanton-looking woman, as I finger your wetness and feel you buck against my hand.

My hardness throbs against the crook of your ass.

Your nipples harden from the reeling touch.

I’m so ready to take you, and I turn you around, sliding off your panties. I’m going down on you, and without hesitation I press my face against your pussy, taking in your nub, as I want to hear your reaction.

I wanna feel your reaction, as I taste the essence you. The scent of you exhilarates me. You stimulate my mind, begging me for more. I’m begging for more, and I’m so anxious to be inside you, but I want to get you nice and ready. I want you nice and hot, and all I could hear are your pants and moans, and feel your hands over the back of my head as I continued to eat you out with pure joy.

Ever fantasized?

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