Love Out Of Lust Series

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Your Deviant Desire - 04/04/2018: Wanting You Badly

I opened the door, and let her in my apartment. I turned on the light switch and closed the door behind me. What happened after that was rush flowing through my body.

She pinned herself against me. Her lips touched mine. I fucking loved it. I loved the assertiveness with her kisses. How she pressed her delicious curves against my body. We molded perfectly together, and we weren’t naked.

My hands slipped inside her trench coat. The feeling of her pencil skirt excited me, but as I moved down to her luscious I was intrigued by the feel of her nylon stocking. The velvety material against the lusciousness of her thigh had me hard and ready to explore her. I waned to her – so fucking bad.

The beast within me was unleashed by her kisses. The way her tongue moved against mine, I wanted to suck her breath away, but I didn’t want to suffocate her. I enjoyed the pheromones of her kisses, and now I wanted to enjoy more.

We broke away from our kisses. I pointed at the sofa and told her to sit down. She happily obliged when she slipped out of her trench coat. She was conservatively dressed, but beautiful in her sexy outfit.

I took off my blazer and undid my tie. I watched her, made eye contact as we began undressing. We were both anxious to get out of her clothes, and by the time we were out of our clothes. I noticed something beautiful and stunning; the way she looked in her lingerie. She had on a beautiful, white floral bra and garter belt, connecting down to her black nylon stockings. The hunger was in me. I wanted to fuck her.

I got down on my knees and moved before her, grabbing her thigh, as I pushed aside her underwear. I inhaled the feminine scent that sent a stimulation in my mind. My mouth watered to taste her, and without any further hesitation I buried my face between her legs.

My tongue targeted her clit. I heard her loud gasp. She sounded beautiful, delightful when my mouth was over her slit. I pressed my tongue deep in her folds. I wanted to reach further in her depth. At the same time, I felt my dick ache with the feeling of wanting to be inside her. I wanted her so bad. I can’t wait. I even loved her response when she placed her hand over my head, moving her hips, grinding her pussy against my face. I fucking loved it, but the urge to be inside was too much to control.

I raised my head and moved myself on top of her. I slipped out of my boxers and held myself in my hand. I was so hard that when I plunge inside her, I heard her gasp. I felt her hand over my back, as I moved myself in and out. I was fucking her. I was inside her. Fuck. She was so wet. Hot and luscious.

My pace picked up, and so was hers. We locked eyes together, as we met each other’s hips. We fucked like there was going to be no tomorrow. The contorted look on her face, and the hungry she displayed aroused me. I couldn’t stop. Then something overtook me. My hand was over her throat. I was still inside of her, but the feeling of me wanting to show her that she was mine. Her body belong to me, and I wanted to show how much power I had over her, but I couldn’t maintain in that position. I felt something else happening inside of me.

I told her in a commanding tone, “Touch yourself!”

And she did. Her hand over was her slit, and I moved rapidly in out of her. Her pants increased, her moans were louder.

Then I released my hand, and I noticed the look in her eyes. She uttered out just one word. “Cum”

And like that I felt it happening. My balls tightened with such intensity that when I came I pulled out and jerked myself vigorously. My cock was glistened by her beautiful juices, and when I came I howled, letting out a jet of cum that landed over her pussy and stomach. She was so equally excited about it, as she wiped some of my juices over her, but I wasn’t done. My hand still held her panties aside as I plunged myself back inside her. I wanted to mix my juices inside her. I pushed myself further deep inside her. I wanted her to experience the feeling of pleasure, but I forgot one thing. I forgot to make her cum. Oh shit.

And when it was over. I looked in her eyes. I thought she was disappointed, but she wasn’t. Instead, she said to me, “I want you to fuck me again.”

Oh I would be more than happy to.

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