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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/13/2018: Sexual Truce

Happy Tuesday. 

I'm ready to tantalize you with a set of 200 words and a dirty mind.


Mark and Sherry had never liked each other, going way back when they were in high school, but tonight would make an exception when they met Lana at their high school reunion.

Lana was the mediator between them, and while she never told them they had to get along, she had ways to make them get along. She invited them over to her hotel suite after the reunion to smoke some weed.

After an hour passed, Mark and Sherry had loosened their inhibitions, and they were soon out of their clothes, getting naked and ready for a real good time. Lana had slipped out of her cocktail dress and lied down on the bed, where both Mark and Sherry swarmed over her body, leaving trails of kisses and licks until they reached down her center. Lana had a beautiful shaved mound; the two played with it, but Sherry’s lips were all over her hot button, leaving Mark to lick her puckered hole.

For Lana, the feeling had to be heavenly, as she was being satisfied by them, but Sherry and Mark met each other’s gaze, where Sherry, without hesitation, leaned over to steal Mark’s kiss.

Then she whispered, “For now.”

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  1. Awww I am so able to picture that.You always paint a great word picture

  2. Only for now? I don't know about that. ;)

  3. If Lana decides she's got enough I'm sure Sherry won't mean "for now" anymore.

  4. You're not wrong about the dirty mind Ray. Very sexy