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Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Thrill Seeking Relationship, Book Three Is Now In The Works

Over last spring, I wanted to create a series to A Thrill Seeking Relationship, and make a number of hot stories, filled with sexual adventure. When I released Book Two last summer, I knew where I was about to go, and what kind of audience I was attracting, but I also knew there was so much sexual desires by me and my fans to put on paper. I’ve grown so comfortable about what I wrote that I’m just flourishing with such ideas.

Currently, I’m working on Book Three to the series, calling it Relationship Therapy. The story is about two married professionals, who were on the brink of a divorce, seek ways to liven up their relationship and their sex life on the advice of their therapist. In this story, I want to go more in depth, exploring the sexual desires between two characters, but particularly one, Melissa Johansson .

The story is written for a fan of mine, but what I learned about this fan is that she lives a certain lifestyle that intrigues me, and how she briefly explained it to me left with a lot of ideas to play with the story, but I want to find a purpose in the story as well. Unlike the first one, and the second one to the series, the third one will be raunchier and filled with a little BDSM. I’ve been wanting to include some BDSM elements in the story, and give off a true fantasy feeling in the story that will have readers wish they lived it.

The story is over 16k words, and I’m hoping to finish by mid-February. Upon completion, I’m hoping that I will have this story out by Spring, and work on Book Four. I’m intending to work on 7 books related to the ATSR Series, and I’m almost halfway through.

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