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Monday, January 8, 2018

Update on Promiscuity and Success

Some good news, I spoke with my editor, and she had mentioned me that she is expecting to be done by mid-winter 2018.

This is good news, as she told me what needs to be done. The story is at 100k, but may be lessen, since she was able to find what necessary omissions are needed to be made. The story I created is Book One, which I'm laying the groundwork and introducing my characters in the story, also the situations. I'm creating a characters in the story where they will flourish throughout Book Two and Three. I'm intending to create a four-part series here. Much will need to be done

Promiscuity and Success is really about Meriesa's re-awakening to her sexuality. After deciding what she wanted in her life, she decides to explore her sexuality more, until she meets a man online who shares the same desires like her, Benicio DeSouza, but the two grow really close, and the possibility of a relationship continues until she meets with an old best friend from high school, Adela Giovanni.

Adela Giovanni is now successful at running her father's real estate empire, but there was nothing more she wanted to do than begin her fashion clothing line, and Meriesa is offered the opportunity to move out to California and help her launch her clothing line.

The opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime, and now Meriesa was torn between a decision that would change the course of her life; be with the man she wants, or help her friend launch Adela's clothing line, where she could live the life of luxury and all the wonderful desires that come with it.

More to come...

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