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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/30/2018: Relationship Therapy

Happy Tuesday.

So far, we have reached the end of January, and I'm happy to premiere a snippet for Tantalizing Tuesday, however I wanted to find a sample that will fit in 200 words, along with the inspired pic, but unfortunately it was a little over by 14 words. I hope you could respect the method to my madness.

This one I'm featuring is an excerpt to my WIP, and the third installment to the A Thrill Seeking Relationship Series, called Relationship Therapy

The scene I'm providing is a gangbang scene waiting to happen, an MMFMM, and my advice is have a fan ready.


The men were finally naked, and they walked over to her. Melissa pulled her hand out of her thong and licked her fingers, taking in her own flavor. She gave a playful look at them when she said, “Let’s have a little fun together, boys.”
And they intended to when Rex and Sergio got down on their knees, side by side of her, holding themselves in their hand, while Doc and Bull ran their large hands over her legs and thighs.
She was now in a sea of hands. Both Rex and Sergio joined in to touch her body. Melissa continued to touch herself, while the men reached over to touch her body. Her eyes fluttered shut, while let out a gasp of pleasure. She loved how the men moved their hands all over her body. She continued to finger herself while she felt a set of hands over her breasts, and another set of hands over her thighs. Melissa felt her corset being lowered, causing her breasts to fall free for their touch. Then, without warning, she felt someone’s mouth enclosing over her pert nipple. His licks were nice and very sensual. Melissa writhed her body with delight, and before she knew it the men swarmed over her to lay licks and kisses. 

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