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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year - First Post of 2018

Happy New Year, everyone. It’s 2018, and I’m glad to have made it another year. This is my first post for 2018, and I’m feeling pretty confident about myself lately.

I can’t complain about 2017, where I noticed some take offs in my books. I have a new street team that I’m happy to have, and I’m glad to be working with them. I just recently changed jobs, where I feel more at peace with myself, and away from the negativity of others, but most of all, my greatest accomplishment in 2017 was publishing a story for a fan of mine, and that was Allison In Wonderland, one of the hottest reads for 2017.

Thank you Sara White for the wonderful inspiration.

The story I created was something that I had never done, but it opened my mind to writing more things. Of course, it’s erotic. I won’t deny how much I like writing about sex in all of my stories.

Also, in 2017, I am happy to complete another story, which I will start a series out of it – Risqué Pleasure – the start of A Thrill Seeking Relationship Series. The first book I created in 2014, I fell in love with it, because it was something I’ve longed wanted to write, an erotic ménage story with lots of adventure, and after that story it was hard to go back to my old self.  

Risqué Pleasure was inspired by another fan of mine, and I was delighted to write a beautiful story with her in it. Thank you Johanne Poirier. I’m also glad you enjoyed it.

Another accomplishment I’m proud to announce was the re-release of Book One, A Thrill Seeking Relationship. Thank you Tiffany Heugele for creating such a wonderful cover, and the completion of Book One to my novel series, The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez: Promiscuity & Success. The book was sent to my editor, who had previously co-edited Allison In Wonderland and Risqué Pleasure, Elizabeth Wright. I’m thankful to have her do this, because she is such a talented editor, and from what she told me, she seems impressed with it.

Unlike Allison In Wonderland and Risqué Pleasure, Promiscuity & Success will have a much edgier feel in the story. It’s a touch of dark, but nowhere near dark, to say. The story I wrote took two years to write, because I was finding a voice in the story. I had a hard time finding the right voice in the story, developing my main characters, because I want it to be interesting, and I wanted to tell a story, particularly about a woman I knew that never found happiness in real life, and after her death I wanted to tell a fictional erotic romance story the way it should be. In real life, she’s the opposite of my character, but in the story she would be the perfect design.

The character, Meriesa Lopez, was originated by an adult film star, dating back in the early 2000’s (Meriesa Arroyo). Unfortunately, she was forced to retired from the industry after contracting HIV by one of her fellow performers. Originally, some of her traits in the story come from the adult film star, except that I placed my own twists to her likeness. The death of a good friend of mine, Kristina Castro, inspired me more to tell the romance side, and as I learned a bit about her after her death. I was inspired to tell more.

Two months before Kristina Castro’s death, I told her that I was using her likeness in the story, because she was the perfect sex symbol. Her features. She was a beautiful woman, in and out, and I’m glad to have her likeness in my story, but now I want to finish it, so I can tell a story how I wished she would’ve had a happily ever after.

Now that I completed Book One, I’m on to completing Book Two, currently a work-in-progress, Chateau Plaisir, telling Meriesa’s story as she starts a new life in San Francisco, California. I’m also planning on working on Book Three, His Story, the story behind Benicio DeSouza, and how the two will meet in the final book to the series, Looking For Love.

I want to give a shout out to Becky Ballenger. She really inspired me to write a Snow White erotic parody. This story will have a darker feel, compared to Allison In Wonderland. Like I said, take a bow, you helped me launch the Fairytale Series, and I’m glad you enjoyed the prologue to the story. I can’t wait to finish the story.

Um, there are a lot of projects I want to take on, but I learn that being a writer can be a curse, because there are so many ideas in my head that I want to put on paper, but I only have so much time, but I love the ideas that flow through my mind, and I know as long as I can type out my story I will create them.

Anyways, I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

May 2018 be a wonderful year for you.

Ray Sostre.

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