Love Out Of Lust Series

Friday, December 1, 2017

Releasing in 2018 - Promiscuity and Success - The First Volume of The Chronicles Of Meriesa Lopez

Meriesa Lopez was living a boring life, working a nine-to-five job she hated, for a berating boss from hell. She was in a boring relationship with someone, until one night she decided what she want with her life, to live free and promiscuous. She then meets a guy online who shares her desires, but as the two become close she loses her job, leaving her with the only option to take a new position in California, for her best friend who’s a fashion designer. The catch is she’ll have to let go of her life in New York. Everything. The man she grew close wanted a relationship, but Meriesa’s heart was already set on something else. When she leaves, could she live with breaking the heart of the man who truly understands her?

This book will be much edgier, containing sexually graphic scenes that are not suitable for readers under 18.

This story will have scenes that contain anal, gay and lesbian scenes, transgendered, and multiple partners.

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