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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Promiscuity & Success, The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez is Finally Completed.

After two long years – two long years, trying to figure out the voice for the story, I’ve managed to complete, reaching a near 102k words. This story was first written in the summer of 2015. Five years earlier (2012), I began on the story called Chateau Plaisir, but I never got past two chapters in the story, leaving it incomplete until I came across with a prequel idea three years later.

The original story first took place in college, where Meriesa Lopez first befriended Adela Giovanni. They were college roommates, beginning to explore their sexuality, but the original story was missing something. It didn’t go too far, as I tried many different versions to make the story take off, but it all resulted in the same formula – missing something.

The original story was inspired by a porn star I was a fan of, Meriesa Arroyo. She had performed a number of scenes until 2004, where she was forced to retired due to her contraction of HIV on the set. I felt her story needed some sort of re-visitation, except create an HEA (Happily Ever After) story. I found her life as a porn star to be very interesting and unique, and I felt I wanted this porn actress to have a voice in the story. She was my original inspiration to my story. While she left the industry, and disappeared from the scene, which she hasn’t been heard of in a decade, I’m still going to be a fan, and I wanted to create some form of happiness with her character. But despite my efforts in making a good prequel to the story, I couldn’t find the right spark to make it a story I wanted to create. It wasn’t until July of 2016, a year later. I was working on it in November and a bit of December, but I had it on hold to work on my most anticipated project at that time, Allison In Wonderland.

In July of 2016, I was able to re-write the story, giving it a wonderful tale to it, and Meriesa Lopez was suddenly brought back to life. By September of 2016, I found the perfect description in the story, someone that would fit the right look to my character, but sadly she past away in November of 2016, and at the time of her death I was thrown off from writing the story. I felt awkward about writing a story that involved someone’s death, and her death brought a slight psychological affect to me, because she was the most kindest, loving person. Everyone at work loved working with her. I was her boss in late 2014, until my departure, but her death both took me back and inspired me to create the perfect sex symbol in my story; the right reason why I should write a story about her, respectfully, and help her find true happiness. In reality, the person I knew passed away at such a young age of twenty three, and she didn’t have a chance to find true love. Meriesa Lopez in my story is in her late twenties, into her early thirties. I wanted my character to have the chance of finding true love in the story, in a four part series.

Her tragic death was unfortunate, but I felt I wanted to tell her story in a way that was both fun and erotic, without losing the elements of sexual adventure and drama. I wanted this character to find true love, but had to battle her own demons. The character I created was someone who had lived a mundane life as an executive assistant to a boss she hates, and a job she hates. She was in a relationship with a man who was not only boring, but potentially abusive, until she decides to make a change and take charge of what she wanted in her life. It was then when reconnected with an old friend from her high school years, Adela Giovanni, who suggested to live a free and promiscuous lifestyle. When she does, she gets involve with a man who was rarely into the things like she was, Benicio DeSouzer, a junior executive banker, and the two ventured off into a sexual adventure no one would ever understand. While they weren’t yet serious, the two shared the same kink together, as things were looking up and up for her until she lost her job. It was then she had to decide what was more important to her, her need to be free or her need to be loved. Her decisions will lead to Book Two, called Chateau Plaisir. I can’t wait to get into it.

The story was originally at 145k when I completed it in May, but I managed to get it down to 102k, because there were a lot of unnecessary and boring scenes in the story. I felt it needed to be shorten to where I was able to keep the story interesting. This story will have some unbelievable sex scenes that are other than m/f situations, from multiple partners, to m/m, and bondage scenes. Also, there will be a transgendered scene that took me years to get over, because I wanted this story to be uniquely different than others. I wanted to tell a tale, but this story is solely based on fiction.

After two long years working on this story, I’m looking forward to take a short break to regain my mental readiness to work on a few other projects. Right now, it feels good to get something I’ve longed to get done.

There will be a cover reveal on my Facebook Author Group Page, and it will solely be posted there until manuscript is completed and ready for distribution.

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