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Friday, August 18, 2017

Book Two, Chateau Plaisir Project Has Started

Today, I had finally revised the first two chapters of Chateau Plaisir, Book Two to The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez. In this story, I will go more in depth with Meriesa and her best friends, where she is experiencing a world of not just pleasure but chaos as well.

Adela Giovanni, Meriesa’s best friend, is now a fashion designer who is launching her clothing line in San Francisco, and while she is making headway with her fashionable designs, she’s lacking discipline in something else – her privacy. She is mixing business with pleasure, and it is up to Meriesa to save her empire from crumbling into the hands of her rival designers.

In this story, I want to go deeper between her and her friends, also go deeper into Meriesa’s feelings for Benicio. She had left Benicio to live her free and promiscuous lifestyle, but how I want to write my character is to live out all her deepest, darkest desires any woman would love to experience, but also live with the pain and regret of letting go of someone she cared for.

So far, I have written the prologue and the first chapter to the story. The first chapter to the story will begin with a steamy sex scene. I really can’t wait to tackle it and share it at my group page. Like the first book, I know I’m really going to have fun with the second one, and I’m hoping to write Book Three at the same time; to tell Benicio’s story after Meriesa left him for California. I feel I should show Benicio’s pain and his tribulations in the story.

That is all for now. Have a good Friday everyone.

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