Love Out Of Lust Series

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Second Response to the Reviewer.

I got a response from the reviewer, and from her response I noticed I struck a nerve. She was really upset that I put her on blast fro her review comments, when she finally gave me constructive criticism on why she felt the book deserve a one-star rating, stating that it was well-written, but it lacked the realism for her. She felt there was too much sex scenes, but most of all she felt this was a personal attack on her.

To the reviewer: You started with the personal attack with your comments, and I have every right to defend it, when you say it’s sexist, it contains rape. What I see in you’re your message on Goodreads is you expect me to shut up and take it, and I have a little news for you. I, along with other authors, can stand up to reviewers like you. If that’s how you want to review people’s work, by damaging them with your words then you have opened the door for the author to counteract on you, even if it upsets you.

I heard you’re an author. You know, one day someone will give you a bad review and say very crude and mean comments. Then you will see what I and plenty talented authors see.

I’m not going to figure you out, because based on your responses in the private message on Goodreads told me about you. You’re young; you have a lot to learn, and you need to get over your narcissism thinking you are right and I’m wrong.

I want to wish you lots of success for you, even if you wish me the opposite, but thank you for pointing out to me what kind of person you really are. Hopefully, you’ll think twice on how to use your words in the future. There are authors that know how to get to reviewers like you. You may call it a personal attack. I call it standing up to people like you.

Oh yeah, one more thing. You're welcome to take down your comment on Goodreads. I can pretend we never had this conversation. ;-)

Good luck.