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Thursday, May 11, 2017

RIP - Kathleen Grieve. Gone But Never Forgotten.

I found out earlier today that a fellow author, Kathleen Grieve has passed away.

She was awfully young, leaving behind a husband, I believe two daughters, and grandchildren. 

She had not only left behind her family, but she left behind a family from the romance industry.

She served a great importance to us.

It's been a pleasure and an honor to be friends with someone who was as cool as her, and while I never had the chance to meet her (I wish I did), I'm glad to interact with a hell of person.

I'm going to miss you, cool friend.

A long time ago, five years ago, when I was running AfterDark Online, I received a story from her, to honor HIV/AIDS awareness and promoting safe sex.

She came across with a story that really had me hooked, and it received some high responses.

The story she submitted, and I will share on my blog was Decadent Medicine.

Please, take a moment to read her story, and you're welcome to comment, but this story she submitted, I guarantee you'll like.

Description: Senior Clinical Manager of Perioperative Services, Meagan Cleary is finally free after being trapped in a hellish marriage for ten years. To celebrate, her friend takes her to The PussyCat Club where she encounters Dr. James D'Angelo. Determined to be the woman she was meant to be she allows their dance encounter to turn into every woman's fantasy.

Maroon 5’s latest hit, Moves Like Jagger poured, from the speakers of The PussyCat Lounge.  A telltale pulse could be felt through the walls and polished floor.  Oblivious to her surroundings, Senior Clinical Manager of Perioperative Services, Meagan Cleary placed the piece of paper that signified an end to an era on the bar’s glistening oak.  She smoothed the corners, taking in the news.  Words like “dissolution of marriage” blurred on the page as tears filled her eyes.  She expelled a harsh breath.  Joy and jubilation pervaded her every pore.

She was free.  Free of the asshole that had made her life a living hell for the last ten years.  The cinder block of misery and dissatisfaction that had weighed her down lifted.  A smile curved her lips.  A celebration had been in order.  What were the words of that old John Lennon song?  “…Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…”

“Well, not anymore,” she muttered.  She grasped her Dirty Pussy Martini—-a club specialty--and swilled the contents in one harsh swallow.  Her eyes watered more from the alcohol than her turbulent emotions and a tremor skittered up her shoulders.  She signaled the bartender.  “Hit me again.”

“Easy, girl,” her friend Charlene said, sliding onto the empty bar stool beside her.  “I didn’t drag you here to get drunk in the first thirty minutes.  You’re supposed to party and enjoy yourself.”

Meagan glanced from the papers in front of her to Charlene.  Tears of happiness spilled onto her cheeks.  “I wasted ten years.  Ten years of my life on him and for what?  For him to do what he did to me?”  Bitterness welled up in her throat. 

“Hey,” Charlene said.  “What’s wrong?”  Her gaze landed to the divorce papers.  “Oh. No. You. Don’t! This is a celebration of your freedom.  Not a pity party.  It’s time you had some fun.” She snatched the decree from Meagan’s unsuspecting grasp and stuffed it into her handbag.  “You get this back tomorrow.” 

“Charlene…” Meagan sniffed. 

“I mean it, Meagan.”  She held out a cocktail napkin.  “Wipe those tears.” Nelly Furtado’s Maneater enlivened the dance floor. “Love this song,” Charlene said.  “Let’s dance!”

Charlene was right.  No more sadness.  No more pain. 

Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

Meagan squared her shoulders and followed Charlene onto the crowded dance floor.  The staccato beat flowed over her and she allowed the music to pulse through her blood. Buoyed from her two glasses of liquid courage, she swayed, gyrating her hips and loving the feel of the silky material of her skimpy black cocktail dress Charlotte convinced her to wear as it swirled around her bare thighs.  She felt sexy and her confidence boosted a few notches. 

Meagan shook her head side to side, allowing her long blonde curls slap her in the face.  Jubilation bubbled and she laughed in a carefree moment she hadn’t appreciated in years.  Spinning around on four-inch stilettos, she stumbled.  In that barest of seconds with her eyes squeezed shut, all mirth died as she visualized crashing to the dance floor humiliated and embarrassed. 

Strong arms enveloped her and turned her ungracious fall into an elegant dip.  Meagan opened her tightly closed lids and gazed into the depth of familiar deep blue eyes. 

“Fancy catching up with you here, Meagan.  I didn’t think you were the PussyCat sort,” Doctor James D’Angelo teased. 

He straightened, smoothly completing the dance step, keeping her within the heated circle of his arms.  Taut, well muscled chest and powerful thighs pressed flush against her feminine curves; she lifted her chin to stare into his too handsome face.  Prominent dark brows covered mesmerizing blue eyes. Chiseled square jaw with a mere hint of stubble and a chin with the slight cleft that always made her mentally sigh when she saw him. 

He was God damn sexy and she wasn’t ashamed to admit she knew every square inch of that face by heart.  His was a face that had haunted her wet dreams at night, where she’d awaken restless and needy right before his perfect cock would enter her slick pussy and provide her the kind of sexual release she craved.  

The deep musky scent of him filled her nostrils.  Meagan’s stomach quivered and she swallowed, unable to believe her secret crush held her so intimately.

“Ah…Umm… Dr. D’Angelo,” she stuttered and cringed.  She sounded like the bumbling idiot he probably thought her to be. 

“I told you to call me James a while ago, Meagan,” he corrected.

“J-James, it’s my first time here.”  God, how lame was that admission?  She just wanted to start the entire conversation over—let him know she was cool and sophisticated.  Not some dowdy middle aged woman who never frequented night clubs.  Even if it was her first time.

“A PussyCat Virgin?  My, my.  It’s my lucky night,” he said with a seductive purr.

His voice rumbled near her ear as he’d leaned down to speak.  His moist, hot breath fanned the delicate shell of her ear and her knees weakened.  Damn he was sexy! Meagan thought this was more her lucky night rather than his.  She rested her palms on his broad shoulders, staying within his light grasp, allowing him to set a slow, seductive pace, despite the fast tempo of the music.

“Want to do something a little bit… decadent, Meagan?” he whispered to her, voice full of promise.

Meagan stared into those blue eyes, mesmerized.  That was a rhetorical question if she’d ever heard one.  But part of her held back.  Her more sensible side the one she wanted to tell to shut the fuck up right now side…  “I bet you do decadence with all the girls, Dr…ah I mean, James.”

He frowned.  “Actually, no.”  That deadly smile was back.  “Can I let you in on a little secret?”

Her heart hitched.  Almost afraid of what he was about to say, her breath caught, the internal pressure built.  Meagan nodded, unable to speak.

“I’ve had my eye on you for a while,” he confessed, expression serious.  “Hospital rumor mill has it you’ve been going through a tough divorce situation.  I’ve stayed clear, but now that you’re here, and in my arms…” he shrugged.

Meagan gasped, unable to believe what she heard.  She searched his face.  Honesty stared back at her. 

He chuckled.  “You seem surprised.”

Meagan blinked.  Was he drunk?  Once at a Christmas party a couple of years ago he’d flirted with her, but when she’d told him she was married he’d never given her that kind of attention again.  Now here she was standing intimately with him in a crowd full of people.

And you’re free, remember?  Free to indulge in the luxury of a light flirtation… or more…  Would James want more with her?  The question burned on the tip of her tongue.  She was dying to know the answer.

James’ hand moved from her hip, sliding slowly to cup her ass and molded her body against his.  The hardness of his cock pressed into her core.  He squeezed.  Her already damp panties were near drenched.  Meagan bit back a moan.  Her more sensible side be damned.  She was ready.  She didn’t care if this was the only chance she’d ever get.  She wanted the decadence he offered.

Emboldened by the promise of pure pleasure burning in his eyes, her hand cupped the back of his neck and she leaned in pressing her heavy tight-budded breasts against his chest.  She licked his top lip ever so slowly and nipped at his bottom lip playfully.  “I’m in need of a dose of decadence,” she said against his mouth.  “What do you have in mind, doctor?”

“Follow me,” he rasped. 

Taking her hand in his, he led her off the dance floor to a secluded table in a darkened corner of the club.  He pulled out a chair and sat, legs spread slightly apart.  Meagan stood before him.  She gazed down at James wondering what he had in mind.  She didn’t have long to wait to find out.  Rough palms on her bare thighs, he slowly slid his hands up under her skirt and ripped her lace panties off.  He palmed her bare pussy and she heard his sharp intake of breath at his discovery.  Her desire ratcheted up a few notches with the knowledge that he was as excited as she. 

A bit self-conscious despite the privacy the darkened corner had to offer, she glanced around the club to see if anyone paid them any attention.  Then all thoughts fled as first one finger then two slipped inside her hot, needy slick folds.  A mixture of heat and a fierceness she’d never seen before appeared on his face.  If she’d had any doubt of the sincerity of his lust, that one single look erased it. 

Pleasure burst through her core, so intense she hissed through her teeth.  She placed her hands on his shoulders for support and opened her legs wider, allowing him more access.  Just then, the music changed.  Nickelback’s S.E.X. exploded through the speakers.  James’ fingers moved in time with the rough beat while his teeth grasped the edge of the silky fabric of her dress and pulled down the material enough to expose one stiff nipple.  She’d never been so happy about wearing a strapless dress in her life.  His mouth captured her stiff peak and he sucked the sensitized flesh, tongue savoring her in a way Meagan had never experienced before. 

With his free hand, James undid his pants.  His hard cock sprang free.  She grasped the hard length and swirled the bead of pre-cum that was on the head with the tip of her finger.  God, she was full of surprises.  That this classy, professional beautiful woman would allow James to touch her like this excited him beyond anything he had ever imagined.  He loved the feel of her hands on him. 

He still worked her pussy with the one hand, but managed to grab a condom from his back pocket.  When he’d heard Meagan would be here tonight, he’d made sure to stash a couple.  Never knew when he could get lucky and man did he just hit the jackpot!  She grasped the foil packet from his hand, ripped the rubber free, and slowly sheathed his cock.  With a rough groan and all the restraint he could muster, he gently guided her onto his lap impaling his stiff erection into her moist heat and softness.  Guiding her hips, he moved her up and down along his shaft.  “Christ, you feel so fucking good.”  Better than he had imagined so many times. 

He trailed kisses up along her neck to her lips and captured her moan with his mouth.  She tasted of amaretto, banana and vodka along with her own unique flavor.  One he was sure to become addicted to. Lingering on her mouth, he explored what he’d yearned for. 

For so long, Meagan had been out of his reach, untouchable.  She’d been the object of his fantasies for what seemed like an eternity.  Tonight, her wild blond curls tumbled over her bare shoulders and down her back instead of the loose ponytail she always wore at work. Her deep brown eyes were full of a craving that matched his own.  Tonight… ahh… tonight the object of his longing was his.  Mine… all mine… The thought nearly drove him crazy.  He buried his cock deeper and was rewarded with her sweet gasp of pure delight.

The knowledge that they were in a public place disappeared in the wake of her complete surrender.  James could focus on nothing but Meagan.  Not even the throbbing beat of the music could yank his concentration.

“James,” she whispered huskily near his ear, licking and nibbling exploring his heated flesh by unbuttoning the polo shirt he wore. 

Suddenly her hands, lips and tongue were everywhere.  His gut clenched as desire balled in his gut.  “Baby, you keep that up and I don’t know how much longer I can hold on…”

His own need to discover took over and he yanked down the rest of her dress and palmed her magnificent tits.  She made little mewling sounds that encouraged him further.  He squeezed and flicked his tongue over a taut nipple.  A tremor tore through as she quickened the tempo, riding his cock with an abandon he’d only imagined possible.  He nipped the tight bud with his teeth, then sucked hard and another quiver wracked her body.  She was on the edge. He could feel it.

He tore his mouth away from her breast.  “That’s it, baby.  Come for me.  Come hard,” he commanded, feeling like a fucking king for finally being able to bury himself deep inside of her.

Her entire body trembled and then she stiffened and nearly screamed for all to hear but his lips captured hers just in time.  The tiny aftershocks that wracked her wet pussy pushed him over the edge and a guttural groan escaped him as he emptied himself.  He buried his face in the intoxicating scent emanating from the curve of her neck.  For several minutes neither of them moved as they panted in each other’s arms, catching their breath. 

Meagan sat back a bit and pulled up the front of her dress, covering those delicious peaks from his view.  A blush crept up her neck and stained her cheeks.  “I… umm…”  She pushed back an unruly curl from her face and tucked the errant strand behind her ear.

“No,” James said firmly.  “You don’t get to do that.”

She frowned.  “Do what?” she asked.

“Regret what just happened between us,” he answered.  “We’re both professional adults.  Smart.  Successful.  And lucky to have found a bit of bliss in our otherwise workaholic lives.  Just think of it as…” he pursed his lips together in thought then his face brightened and he smiled.  “Just think of it as a little bit of decadent medicine.  A dose of something healthy that we both needed.”

A sexy smile curved her lips.  “Decadent medicine, huh?”  Meagan wound her arms around his neck and snuggled closer.  “I think one or two more doses may be just what the doctor ordered.”

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