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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Master's Game (Pilot): Stella's Audition

For the first time ever, I'm coming up with a blog series, consisting of BDSM, LGBT, which will feature both m/m, f/f, and tg scenes, also lots of menage scenes; things I want to share in my stories.

I want to write a series on my blog about a girl who found her master, and ends up falling in love with him, but what she doesn't know is who is exactly her master, and when she discovers who her master is, she'll be very surprised to see.

Here is a 2250 word piece. Anyways, enjoy.

Nothing is more musical
than the sound of a woman reaching peak of pleasure
No producer could ever duplicate such a wonderful sound.
Your sound could not be remixed or re-mastered.
Only you can sing me such true pleasure,
but only you can understand what will make you sing.
Your fingers can hit a tune that no man, nor woman would ever find.
Find the right note and sing to me over the airwaves.

- The Master

These were the instructions, Stella received from her Master – Master Davis. He had such a sweet but dark voice; a voice that immediately aroused. The way he spoke to her the first time over the phone had Stella all wet and needy for him. He left her in a state of wanton desire over the last few days. Stella was distracted all day, especially at work, and now it was time for her to pass her first test. She had received a text message from him with a riddle, having her to solve her. Master Davis wanted her to play his game. He wanted her to play the game of pleasure, take her away from the years of pain from her ex-boyfriend, away from the sadness she had faced over the past two months, but she had never met this guy, only received a card with his number that was slipped in her purse.

Who was this guy, and how did she meet him? She couldn’t remember, but she felt intrigued when she noticed his name and number printed on his business card, but Master Davis had this wonderful effect on her, and she was ready to take on her first step. She felt the sudden need for direction, but damn, the way she agreed to hook up with him was very unusual.

She studied the text, ready to break down the riddle he had sent her. Master Davis had told her each day to solve his riddle. She worried about how hard it was going to be, but this first riddle Master Davis sent her she was able to solve. Stella read the riddle carefully, where she looked at the last two – the part of her fingers hitting the right tune – her fingers. She immediately caught on that Master Davis wanted to hear her masturbate and then orgasm over the phone. She needed something to get her hot and bothered; something that would get her worked up enough to touch herself, maybe a fantasy, something that would let her escape into a fantasy where she could share her release to Master Davis, but Stella was suddenly drawing a blank. She couldn’t think of anything to get herself worked up.

She noticed the book she was reading earlier, and recalled a very erotic scene of a woman with her hands bound behind her neck, being surrounded by four men with their cocks pointing at her. She recalled the moment when she read that scene and got turned on enough to work herself. Immediately, she placed her hand under her shirt and began sliding her hand down to her underwear. She thought about the segment she read, the way woman had her arms bound behind her back, as the men used her for everything; the story gave her a real fantasy. It wasn’t long before she found herself growing wet over it. It was really hot, and one of those dirty little fantasies she had wished to fulfill.
Her hand wandered over her breasts, pinching her pert nipples, while she elicited a moan under her breath. The feeling of her fingers touching the wonderful nerve endings of her center had her body writhing with need. She felt the slick wetness when she pressed in her folds. Her mind wandered away in a feeling she longed wanted, the feeling of being dominated by a group of men that wanted to fuck her. She thought of every lustful feeling; the feeling of being bound and helpless, taking long hard cocks in her mouth, while her body was groped with a number hands. She wanted the feeling of being sandwiched between two and stay at the mercy of their cocks, as the men had their way with her. She wanted that feeling. Hell, she even thought of the wonderful feeling of another woman in the mix, making her lick her pussy until she came nice and hard. All the wonderful sexual fantasies wandered in her mind. She wanted really bad. She wanted the feeling of being dominated, and now Stella was going to share Master Davis her wonderful desires. She was working herself up really well, and needed to give her release so she could please Master Davis and move on to her next task.

Her fingers moved rapidly over her center. Stella lolled her head back with full excitement. She thought about Master Davis, imagining what he may looked like – a man with probably dark hair and wonderful muscular build, maybe long dark hair with beautiful, piercing blue eyes – a man with a such a wonderful voice she could just cum from hearing him. She imagined him on top of her, pumping her, filling her, fucking her really hard. His grunts and groans matching her moans. Stella really wanted him. She was immediately in lust with him. Only once, had she heard his voice, and now she was hooked on him like he was a drug. Her fingers moved rapidly over her center, as she exhaled her excited. The time was now. She needed to call him, and let out her most feminine cry of pleasure over the phone. She wanted to sing him something that was more beautiful than any music on the radio – her orgasm. If only she could reach her phone without losing her momentum.

Her head turned to the night stand. Stella noticed her phone sitting just a couple of feet away. She had one hand in her pussy, fingering herself, while her hand clenched on to her breast. If only she had a third hand, or some kind of mind-controlling powers like Star Wars, but she couldn’t she had to let go one, and so far, she was relishing the feeling in her pussy. She needed to call him, if she could only call him without taking away her momentum of pleasure.

She reached for her phone and dialed his number. Luckily, Master Davis’s number was easy to remember, she didn’t need to look through her phone book. She dialed his entire number and pressed Send. She held her phone against her ear and waited for the call to connect. When the other line picked up, she heard his dark, sexy voice that immediately lit her up like a paper on fire.

“Hello,” she overheard Master Davis speak.

Stella let out a moan over the phone. She let out a loud cry of pleasure that was very intense; so erotic that she bucked her hips with sheer pleasure, causing her to climax. She moaned loudly, hoping Master Davis was pleased with how she sounded. She wanted him to know how much she had turned him on, and how much more she wanted from him. She wanted to complete her task. She wanted another mission; have him take her to a mission, but really in the back of her mind she wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted to feel his body moving against hers, in pure rhythm that would leave her in a state of ecstasy. Fuck yes, Master Davis left her in a wanton state of pleasure. Yes!

She bellowed her pleasure over the phone. Stella was in mid-orgasm, as she writhed her body wildly. Her mind immediately wandered, almost forgetting why she called Master Davis in the first place, but all she could hope was he was pleased with her calling him to just express her orgasm over the phone.

And indeed, he was. She heard him express his satisfaction over the phone. “Yes… yes… that’s it; let out. Tell me how much you want it.”

Stella closed her eyes, thankful and relieved at how much Master Davis enjoyed her pleasure. She was thrilled that he enjoyed her. Then she heard something that was more enjoying.

“So far, you have passed the first test.”

What a relief it was. Not only was she able to solve his riddle, but she managed to have passed his first test.

“I love the way you sing into my ears. Your song sings a thousand words; better than any lyric written.”

By then, Stella’s orgasm had subsided. Her chest rose rapidly like ocean waves. Never before had she ever done anything this exciting, but fuck yeah, this was wonderful. If her first task was just as exciting, she couldn’t wait to reach her next task.

Then Master Davis spoke, “You did very well. I’m amazed at how you followed my instructions, hoping you would want to follow my next one. I’m very impressed at you, and how beautiful you sound when you cum really hard. You have passed the test. I would love to have you reach my next one. Then he asked, “Would you be interested in my next task?”

Stella, even though she was in pure state of ecstasy, uttered out, “Yes.”

At this point, she wanted to feel satisfied, fulfilled by him.

“Good,” he said. “Please, wait for my next instructions every Thursday. Every Thursday, I want you to be available and solve my riddle. I want not want to satisfy what I want, but I want you to enjoy what I give you. I want you to enjoy your beautiful body. I just have one last request. I want you to send me pictures of yourself, pleasing yourself. I will promise you that these pictures will not be shared, but I want to enjoy what you look like after your beautiful rapture.”

Stella almost felt reluctant. She wasn’t sure if she would trust Master Davis with the pictures of herself masturbating. She wasn’t sure if she could trust Master Davis from ever sharing his picture. Hell, Master Davis hadn’t revealed what he looked like. She had only spoken to him for the second time, and wasn’t sure if he would share her picture to someone else, but then again, she was in a state of rapture, and she was willing to give Master Davis whatever he needed.

Master Davis continued, “Show me what you look like. I will send you a text to a number to send it to, but do you trust me when I ask you for this?”

Stella almost hesitated, but she quickly thought it over what Master Davis had asked. Master Davis hung up, leaving Stella with the option of what to do. What he asked was if she trusted him with a picture of herself naked from the waist down. She was in her white t-shirt with her panties pushed to the side to reveal her clean shaven pussy. What Master Davis wanted was for her to show her full rapture of pleasure. He wanted her to show how much she enjoyed his request – his desires. Stella had agreed to be his subservient – his submissive. It didn’t take her long to forget the idea that it was what she wanted.

She lowered her panties down below her waist and held her phone over to herself. Stella pressed the snapshot button to send to her master. She wanted to show Master Davis what she looked like after her wonderful pleasure. In the back of her mind, she felt nervous. Never before had she ever sent a naked picture of herself to someone like Master Davis. Stella wanted to please her master with a wonderful, seductive picture of herself naked.

She was a bit reluctant to press Send MMS on her phone, but she sent it anyways. She wanted to show her new master that she was very willing to do whatever he asked her to do. So far, she like what he was giving her; what he was doing to her. She liked what he was giving her.

Despite her reluctance, Stella sent the photo over to her master and waited. A few minutes later, she received a response from Master Davis.

Very Impressive. So beautiful.  I love how you look. You look sexy with your underwear pushed aside. Showing your beautiful tits for me to enjoy. I can’t wait for the day to enjoy myself inside you, licking your beautiful tits as I fuck you nice and deep. Soon, one day, you and I will be together, but I must first give you another task, as you’ll receive one every Thursday night, and you must fulfill it at my request, sending me a picture of your accomplishments.

Stella was relieved that Master Davis approved her appearance. She was happy to see how much Master Davis enjoyed how she looked. She received another response of him.

You’ve done very well, my pet. Next week, I want you to impress me with another task. I want you to show me what you’re willing to do to meet me.

In a way, Stella couldn’t wait. What Master Davis had done to her was open her into a new world of arousal. Never before had she ever felt so turned on by what he was doing. He had her in a mix that she couldn’t say no to – a mix of pure pleasure. She couldn’t wait for next week.

Then Master Davis sent his last text. I shall be thinking about you all week, as I can’t wait to show you what is in store for you next week. I can’t wait to see how far you’ll go to finally see me. Soon, you'll enjoy the wonderful gift I'll give you.

Neither could she. A minute later, she received a picture message of a cock glistened in pre-cum. It was hard and juicy, enough to give her such an enticement. Stella couldn't wait for that wonderful moment.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 04/21/2017: Attraction

Happy Friday. 

It's be about two weeks since I've posted here, and it's been a rough time since.

I've managed to post a naughty Flash Friday piece in 100 words.


He stared into her, looking into her inviting eyes. Brooke pressed her body against his, pressing her nose against his, sharing her sensuality as his hand moved along her backside, down to the curvature of her ass. He held up her leg over to his waist, supporting her body close to his. He stared into her eyes long enough, where he longed to kiss her.

“And that’s a wrap!” The photographer shouted. “Beautiful session.”

Brooke looked into his eyes, fixated. Calvin wanted to kiss her so bad, but Brooke was the photographer’s girlfriend, and the photographer was his best friend.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 04/07/2017: Frienemies

Happy Friday everyone. 

It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.

Here is an interesting little segment in 100 words.


Petra had straddled herself over Lance’s lap and leaned in to nuzzle her nose over his. His hands wandered the side her curves. She looked at his expression and noticed his devilish grin. She returned the same endearment by placing her hand over his face, attempting to kiss him. It was then the director in the background yelled Cut!

Petra pulled back and said to him. “Get your hands off me.”

“Oh you wanted to,” Lance said to her cockily.

“Yeah, I want to.” Petra stood up and walked away. “I want to slap you.”

“How long must we stay frienemies?” Lance asked her.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 04/04/2017 - Cara, The New Playmate

Happy Tuesday, everyone. 

It's been over a month since I've done a piece for Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.

I thought about with this image and a little fun, as I want to get back into the groove.

Anyway, here is my tease for the week. 


Master Davis led Cara down the hall. She was wearing a sexy maid outfit with her beautiful dark hair rolled down. She was anxious when he led her inside a large den. There, she noticed another woman in the same maid outfit. She was finishing setting up the sofa, placing a light blue cover over it.

The woman sensed someone walking in the den. She stood up and stood in her prominent position, giving Master Davis his undivided attention.

Master Davis stood in front of her; Cara was a little nervous about meeting her, but Paulina returned a smile at her.

Then Master Davis said to her, “Paulina, this is Cara, your new playmate. She will be staying with us for as long as she like. Now remember, how I showed you when we greet our new playmates.”

Paulina nodded when she took a step closer, extending her hand out to greet Cara. Cara took her hand and shook it, but she wasn’t expecting Paulina to lean closer to kiss her lips. Cara didn’t protest; she went along with it. And her mouth opened along with hers, while the two explored each other with their tongues.

Master Davis then said. “It’s nice to see you two play nicely.”

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 04/03/2017: Work Relief

It's been a while since I've posted one of those Random Short Snippets.

Today, I just wanted to write something quick and dirty.

Here is a snippet in 810 words

She was happy to be home, safe in a world where she could be free and happy with someone – someone who has brightened her day from the moment they met. So relieved, that she didn’t bother to take off her clothes, not even her panties. She smiled when she saw him in the kitchen, sitting in his chair, naked, holding himself in his hand with a grin that described how happy he was to see her home.

She couldn’t help but laugh. He brightened her day already. What a tough time she had at the office. To see her man not only naked but hard, she was ready to forget about it.

“I’ve been waiting for you all day,” he said.

She dropped her purse on the dining table and sauntered over him seductively. “I bet you have.” She leaned over kissed him. Then she reached for his hardness and purred playfully, “Your tail is wagging at me.”

He corrected, “A tail belongs in the back; not in the front.”

“I know, but it’s a special kind of tail.”

She began stroking his length. The feel of his rigidness aroused her. He groaned under his breath, which immediately left her wanting. She felt a delicious ache in a core that she couldn’t resist. Already, she wanted him, and he was in a perfect position to be in right at this moment. Her man was naked, vulnerable, hard and ready to give what she needed. She wanted to ride him hard and fast; have him help her escape from the bullshit she had put at work. There was no need to strip. The word ‘fuck’ was burning through her mind, and it was the one she needed.

Then she slipped out of her blazer and dropped it on the kitchen floor. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties aside, uttering to him. “This is going to be what I needed.”

She straddled herself on top of him, lowering herself on his shaft. She let out a deepening moan, as she enjoyed the way he stretched inside her. His cock filled her with a monumental feeling that she had long waited for. Her hips rolled seductively, as his hands slid over her thighs. She held on to him with one hand, and with the other lowered both of her spaghetti straps to reveal her fallen breasts. His hand wandered over them, caressing one of her nipples. He left her with an erotic gaze into his eyes, before she leaned in and kissed him.
His mouth opened with hers. Their tongues explored together. She felt herself being pulled close; her kisses being sucked away by him. She gyrate her hips intensely, at the same time moaning into his kisses. The way he swirled her tongue in her mouth had her rolling herself on him harder – faster.

She broke away from her kiss and held on to him. Her moans increased as it filled the kitchen. She felt his mouth over one of her nipples. The way he circled his tongue over it added more to the eroticism. In the back of her mind, she only imagined where else she could use his tongue, but she felt satisfied.

She moved up and down on his shaft. He trailed his kisses up to her neck and pulled her body close. It was like he never wanted to let go, and she didn’t want it to end. She felt his thrusts moving faster, but with his action there was her response. They were moving fast together. The kitchen was filled with such heat and pleasurable noises, and immediately she was sweating under her clothes. She hated to feel hot, but she didn’t give a shit as she was enjoying a wonderful fuck in the kitchen.

She continued to gyrate her hips. Her nails dug into his shoulders, bellowing out a loud noise of pleasure. She suddenly reached her climax, throwing her head back as she screamed loudly. Thankfully, there were no neighbors; they lived in a house all by themselves. Her climax caused his with a loud groan, as she felt him throb inside her. She didn’t stop there. She rode him, until she milked him nice and dry. She wanted to feel every drop inside of her. What she loved more when he reached his climax was the way held onto her; the way he used his strength but held her like she was a kitten.

When it was over the two remained entwined together. She rested her head over his shoulder, exhaling a long breath. She needed something to help her escape from the madness at work. Thankfully, he was there to relieve her.

After a minute of silence, he placed her finger under her and looked at her with a question. “So, you want to tell me how was your day?”