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Friday, March 24, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 03/24/2017: Mine

Happy Friday!

Yes, it's that time, where I get to post a flash in 100 words.

This picture was based on an inspiration of the two sisters, I've interacted with on Saturday, March 18th. They were a big fan of sex and sex stories. From some of the wonderful details they shared at my job, I was really inspired to write a BDSM story, but make it nice and twisted, filled with drama and suspense; also creating step-sisters, instead of sisters.

Here's a little piece I created!

It's a rough sketch.


Nicole towered over Amirah, wearing her most provocative lingerie outfit, sexed up to a ‘T’, displaying her look of pleasure, as she held apart Amirah’s legs, while she looked at and caressed herself. She watched as Amirah roamed her fingers over her breasts, returning a wanton look, before Kiva stormed back in the room interrupting their session.

“Nicole, she’s mine! Amriah’s mine!”

“It’s my turn; I get to have her for the day.”

Kiva pushed her away. “No, get off of her. She’s mine.”

Then Amirah suggested. “Why can’t I be both yours for the day? I’m willing to please both at the same time.”

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