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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/14/2017: Selena's Crushing Possibilties

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sorry I'm late posting this. I've been having a late start doing so.

However, my post is up, and I thought I should come up with a snippet that represents a little bit of Valentin's Day, a little snippet about near rejection and hope.

Something totally fictional. 


Tonight, Sabrina was going to take control of what is hers, show him how long and how much she had wanted him. She was going to claim Jack for Valentine’s Day, leave the trail of scent of her that would deter any other woman from ever approaching him.

This was it. She was going to go in the bathroom and get herself changed into something that would have Jack attention. She was going to wear just a pair of stockings and a garter belt; no bra, no thong. She was going to show him her world, and express her pure desire.

Sabrina was ready to meet back with him and take over his world, make him hers, claim him, own him, she wanted to let every other skank in the building know that Jack was hers, or at least so she thought when she stepped out of the bathroom. She wasn’t expecting Jack to fall for Jasmine, who was equally naked, wearing just a pair of black stockings and a garter belt. She held on to Jack’s tie, with a look of determination.

She thought it was over; Jasmine never loved him. But she never expected Jack to reject her, as he walked away, leaving the opportunity for Sabrina to approach him.

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  1. Fab tease. I do hope she gets the opportunity to show him how she feels.