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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Random Snippets - 02/18/2017: Lena's Long-Awaited Desire

Sexy Saturday greetings. 

It's time to share a snippet for your wonderful enjoyment. 

I haven't written a lesbian erotic snippet in a long time, and it's high time I come up with one in 423 words. This image had really intrigued me to write something saucy, and I want you to enjoy.

Lena and Olivia were face to face together, just posing in front of the camera. Lena tried very hard not to make any sudden moves, but she was tempted by what she was seeing. Olivia’s lips were plump red and juicy for a good kissing. She claimed to be straight, but was really into it when she slipped her hand under her panties. Of course, it was for jus show for the camera, but Olivia playfully patted her ass, laughing and joking, when the cameraman wasn’t shooting.

Lena, in return of her endearment, placed her fingers through Olivia’s hair and now they were face-to-face, just inches from each other.

Her heart beat rapidly. Deep down, she wanted to kiss her. She was turned on, begging for the right moment to come. Olivia’s sensuality was getting to her, and she knew what she was doing to her. Olivia was giving her so many mixed signals, it was driving Lena mad with lust. No woman has ever made her feel so wanton before, and the more she looked into her eyes, while the cameraman shot, the more she wanted to inch closer to kiss her.

The cameraman set his camera down and said, “Take five, ladies. I’ll be right back.”

He walked away, but the two remained close together.

Then she heard Olivia muttered something seductively. “Kiss me.”

“What?” Lena responded with a subtle surprise.

“You want to kiss me, right?”

Fuck, it was all she ever wanted to do, to kiss Olivia’s lips. Take her down on the sofa lick her lips, explore more of her body, open her lingerie and run her hand over her breasts and tease her nipples with her licks, pinches and kisses. Fuck yes, she wanted to push aside her thong and explore her dampen heat. She wanted to ravage her body and make her cum nice and hard. Fuck yes, it was what she really wanted to do. The opportunity to seize is right now.

Then Lena responded with a nod; no verbal response, but yes she wanted to kiss her. She inched closer and pressed her lips against Olivia’s. For the first time, she felt the softness of Olivia’s lips, tasting her essence from her kiss. Immediately, the two opened their mouths and began to explore each other. It was the best thing happening for Lena, and it’s a good thing the cameraman said take five. All they need was just five minutes alone to make out, but more time to have fun. Perhaps, after the shoot.

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