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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 02/01/2017: Just Feeling Horny For Him

It's February.

2017 has gone by really quick. 

Time to begin a new month with a new erotic snippet. 


Ana told Mack that she will be waiting for him. She had gotten out of the shower, soaked wet and horny for him. All she could think about was Mack’s delicious cock sliding inside of her, making her feel fulfilled and hot for him. All she could think about was him sliding in and out of her. Fuck her, slam her, pound her and fill her with his hot seed. The feeling of his warm cum filling inside her, when he hollers a familiar noise she loved hearing over and over again.

Yes, she wanted to be fucked – hard.

She stepped out of the bathroom and got down on her hands knees on the floor, beside the bed, anxiously waiting for Mack to step out of the shower. She overheard him turning off the water and stepping out of the tub. Mark was probably drying himself, but she was anxious for him to come out and fuck her.

Minutes later, she heard his footsteps and finally felt the warm of him behind her, as she prepared for his entry. His warm wet hands were on the side of her curve. It wouldn’t be long until she felt his cock slide inside her.

The way he slid in cause Ana to let out a soft yelp. He was in deep. She could feel his balls against her pussy. Yes, it felt good to feel his cock inside her, stretching her and filling her. His body was now merged into hers and there won’t be any stopping now, not until they reach their peak.

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