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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Considering to Publish About The Night Ride Home

Happy Hump Day. Hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day. I had a cool one, but today I was thinking over, while I was working to finish up my longest novel, about a book I wrote six years ago, but never made the attempt to publish, because I was just learning the industry and learning the ropes of self-publishing. I was looking over a story that I’ve blogged about for some time, About The Night Ride Home, the story about Darla and Tyler.

This story I wrote was something that had been on my mind since 2011. Originally, I wrote this as a short story and the person who first read it told me to expand it. I expanded the story more, and I had went on to complete it in the summer of 2011. However, I never published it, and I began re-working the story, where I lost interest and never got back to it after 2014. This story I wrote was an erotic romance, and one of my favorites I ever written, which I’m so proud of, but never showcased what I’ve done. Although, there were numbers of people who interested to read my story, I never got back to it until today.

While my writing has evolved over the years, About The Night Ride Home is the style of my original work, I write erotic romance and love the story so much. This was a very fun story when I wrote it, and I hope to make it better as I finish re-writing it. I’ve put this on hold for so long it’s time to get it done and have it published.

This story I wrote is what really jump-started my career as an author, before I wrote the story I was writing short erotic stories for story submissions. It took me six months to complete at that time, but I never expected to take six years to publish the story. I feel it’s time to show this story. This was a story I’ve placed in the backburner for too long. I’m hoping to have it release in the middle of the year.

I will have to come up with a cover design for the story. I want to make it hot but seductive. It’s time to give this story some full exposure. 

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