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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trivial Facts About Allison In Wonderland #AIWbyRayS

Hey everyone. I’m really excited about the book release of Allison In Wonderland. It is my very first published erotic novel ever, and a number of people couldn’t be anymore excited about the release of the book. As they were anticipating what the story will look like after the cover reveal, but since I have a week away from the release. I would like to explain a number of trivial events about the book, Allison In Wonderland, and how did it get to where it is today.

Trivia 1: First Written in December 2015, Inspired by a fan – Sara Davis.

A good fan of mine, Sara Davis, came across with a number of pics in December 2015, and these pics were mainly from DeviantArt to other form of pictures. When she posted some of them on Facebook, I was intrigued and inspired about writing the story. I didn’t know how I could exactly write it at that time, but when I wrote the first paragraph, it was very rough to begin with, since I couldn’t find an adult way to begin the story.

Trivia 2: Allison In Wonderland didn’t become a step-sibling story, until…

One night in late December 2015, when I was talking to someone at work about the project I’m working on, when I accidentally came up with a name of Steve Robinson ( a friend and co-worker of mine). Now, at first, I laughed it off, realizing it was an error, but then I thought why not. I was able to utilize his personality in the story, where I was able to develop a good character. When I originally wrote the story, it was just a one-page story completed, but I wanted to add flavor to it and decided on adding Steve Robinson’s character into the story. Now, I didn’t want to use his full name, so instead I shortened his last name and added an extra ‘b’ to the name. And in addition, I wanted him to have a major role in the story, at every chapter, since he’s the hero to the heroine of the story. The focus of the story is really about Allison, but this story wouldn’t pan out well with the help of Steve.

Thanks partna! By the way, he was also a great sport about it. And he was impressed on how I developed his character.

Trivia 3: Porn stars helped my inspiration of my story.

Yes, I watch porn. I have no shame in it. I do have some collection, and I love how it helps with certain sex scenes, but in this story I was really inspired by these people who help create my characters.

Syren De Mer to play as the Red Queen
Tommy Gunn to play as Lord Knave
Dani Jensen to play as Jessica the White Rabbit
Danny D to play as Cheshire
James Deen to play as Mr. Hatter
Kate England to play as Kara the Sorceress
Emma Leigh to play as Willow, Mr. Hatter’s lover.
Karla Kush to play as Allison Woodward.

Trivia 4: Metroid was another part of the inspiration behind Allison In Wonderland

How to make the story something different, while keeping its erotic content and the theme of the story interesting, include a succubus.

To those who never played video games in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Metroid was a very popular video game, about a female bounty hunter to take on these life-sucking creatures called Metroids.

I wanted the Red Queen and Lord Knave to be very villainous, and have a real purpose in the story. After watching a number of clips of Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, and Metroid Zero on YouTube, it did gave me an idea on how to give these two villains the purpose in my story. I didn’t want my story to have any full similarity to all the others.

So, it was then I came across with the idea of a succubi. They’re like vampires, only they prey on their victims through sexual activity.

The video game, Metroid also gave me an idea to re-create Allison. Unlike other Alice In Wonderland stories, respectively, they either created her as a ditz or just a young curious girl that was willing to try anything. I wanted her to be totally different; emancipated, self-willed and fierce, but overall a woman, where another part of my inspiration came from one of the sexiest Nintendo characters, also featured in Metroid, Samus Aran.

Trivia 5: There were a number of delays in releasing the book.

When I completed the story in early May, I was expecting a turnaround time in three months, but there were too many delays on the story. Originally, I was supposed to release the book in September and then release the book in November, but January was the third-time charm to release the book.

Trivia 6: There were too many characters to put in Allison In Wonderland, but I had to create my own.

I had to create two characters in the story, Willow and Kara.

When I originally created Kara, she was suppose to be evil and only serving the Red Queen, but for some reason I felt I liked the character and thought about giving it some life. It was then when I decided to create Kara a double agent, serving the Red Queen, but her allegiance was to the White Queen.

Willow, was Mr. Hatter’s lover. I never wanted to eliminate her in the story, but in order to keep the story interesting and moving I had to. I liked the character to where it was hard for me to write a death scene in the story. I don’t like killing my characters in the story, but in order to add suspense to it, I’m sorry Willow.

Kara, in the story was suppose to die too, but I felt I needed to add a twist in the story, especially at the end.

While the original story had Dormouse and March Hare, along with other creatures, I was so limited to creating so many. One thing I don’t like to do is open Pandora’s Box if I don’t have to. If I add a character in the story, then I have to give a little background and fulfill the story with them. The story I wrote was filled with so many characters, I didn’t feel it was necessary. I wanted to be different from the rest.

As far as the names, I too wanted to be different. I wanted. Instead of using the name Alice, I felt Allison was much better, more to my own style. The Mad Hatter will be called Mr. Hatter, the Knave of Hearts would be called Lord Knave, even Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I didn’t want to create twins that represented the original story, I wanted to give life to them and more depth in the story, and their names mattered very much to me, where I called them the Tweedle Brothers, given the names of Dre and Dru. And since this was a story for adults, I wanted the Tweedle Brothers to look as sexy as they can.

Trivia 7: All characters in the story are human.

First off, I’m not into shape-shifters. It’s not my thing. I wanted to created a cosplay of characters instead. For example: The Cheshire Cat is a cat, but I created a well-groomed man in a suit with cat ears. The White Rabbit was a sexy redhead woman with rabbit ears; Absalom was a good-looking man with long blue hair, but all of them will have special abilities.

Trivia 8: The Red Queen and The White Queen are step-sisters.

In the original story, both Iracabeth (The Red Queen)  and Mirana (The White Queen) are actual sister, where Iracabeth is the oldest. In my story, Iracabeth is the youngest and Mriana is the oldest.

There is a history between them of why there is a war going on in Wonderland, and they’re given unique powers of their own. However, the two will never meet during a battle, because I felt it would’ve alter the mood of the story.

I did hit it on the nail about how I wanted to portray the sexual nature of my characters, The Red Queen being the dark seductress and the White Queen being the sensual seductress.

Trivia 9: This book is the first book I have ever written a transgender scene.

It was difficult for me to digest it first, because of the stigma to a hetero male writer, but this was Wonderland, and if I was going to add erotic elements I was going to get very creative. I don’t regret adding a hidden character in the story – the Chimera, Willow’s twin brother that dwelled inside her. This story needed a purpose as to why the Red Queen was pursuing to take over the Wonderland, and what could stop the Red Queen from turning Wonderland into an apocalypse.

Trivia 10: The most difficult and fun story I’ve written so far.

And yes, it was really true. I wrote this story for a fan of mine, and I wanted to deliver something like never before. While I enjoy writing erotic contemporary stories, filled with light BDSM, LGBT, and lots of ménages, I wanted to expand into something else to see what I’m really capable of. Writing this story has taught me something. It has taught me to be very imaginative; open my mind to write anything in erotic context. I use both paranormal elements in the story, and this has given me hope to write anything I put my mind into.

And now that I did it, I’m proud to have written it and love the way it’s turned out.

Pick up your copy today!

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