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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/31/2017 - Auditioning for Mr. Arden

Happy Tuesday.

It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.

I've been on a writing kick, creating these erotic snippets. I want to give a good shout out to someone that I'm a fan on Twitter, and so far she's inspired more out of me.

Also, I'm happy to announce the release of my book, Allison In Wonderland. It's a wonderful erotic tale with a twist.

In the meantime, please enjoy this little snippet.

Thank you,  @Sassy_SexxyRain for the inspiration.


Mr. Arden quickly boarded on the plane and flew over to Budapest to visit someone. He received a phone call regarding about this beautiful talent that would like to entertain him at his private suite. She was not only gorgeous, but very erotic and willing. Also she wanted to audition for him in hopes of him to accept her and fly her back over to New York, where she could not only be his private entertainer but a companion.

He was driven from the airport over to an old building in Budapest, where he met an old friend, who was also a Mistress. She showed him to a closed room, where he noticed a woman sitting on the table with a long chain linked to the wall. She was pretty. Her eyes were a glowing hazel color, with a pale feature and a smile that immediately caught his eye. She was naked; beauty painted all over her body, enough for Mr. Arden to see.

She touched herself and slipped a finger inside her wet folds, enticing him to where he grew hard under his pants.

“I’ll take her, ” Mr. Arden said to the Mistress without seeing any more. “She’s perfect.”

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