Love Out Of Lust Series

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Random Snippets - 01/05/2017: Happy To See Her

He came home to her – Julienne. How much he longed for her, to climb into bed and lay next to her. Press his lips against hers, telling her how much he missed and appreciate having her so close to him. He wanted to do more than just that. He told her how much he loved her. A long journey away from home can do that to a man like him. That one kiss quickly led to something erotic between the two, where they ended up and naked and he gave her the fuck of his life.

The world had embattled him mentally, and even though he was psychologically drained, he wanted to fuck. His cock pushed into her wetness – one heavy push. He listened closely to the way she yelp. It was her response of him stretching inside her, filling, pumping her slow and sensual, until the urge to fuck her hard happened.

He rocked her hard on the bed, pressing his face against hers. Her legs wrapped around his ass, as the two exchanged noises of pleasure, while the bed rocked and squeaked loudly. He didn’t give a shit how loud the bedroom was. They were alone, in their home. Who gave a damn what the neighbors heard, because they didn’t live in some apartment or townhome. The place was all to themselves and they were free to fuck wherever.

Then he motioned her to turn over, spread her ass and legs where his cock could find its way inside her, but this time he was all the way in deep – deep inside Julienne, where his balls slapped against her. He looked down and admired the way her ass bounced from his thrusts. So wonderful. So hot. He grabbed one of her ass cheeks and continued pounding her until he felt a growing tension inside him. He was on the verge of his climax, and so was she. He rocked her hard, commanding her to get herself off until he grunted loudly and shoved himself deep inside her. At the feel of himself throbbing inside her, Julienne let out a cry of pleasure. She sounded beautiful – erotic, but overall she felt very relieve. Her body was the tension-tamer that he needed. And when it was all over, the two lied in bed together, holding each other in full bliss over what happened.

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