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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 01/29/2017: A Taste To Succumb To

Good morning, and I hope  you're having a fabulous Sunday.

I'm so much into the writing mood here, looking to write another short, hot snippet for you all to enjoy.

James poured himself a glass of wine and picked it up, as he carried into a large room filled with bookshelves and vintage wooden furniture, along with a beautiful red settee, which lied a beautiful woman with bright red hair and pale features, dressed in a pair of black stockings that connected to her lacy garter belt around her waist. She looked in pure bliss – heavenly, she smiled back at him. It was like she had waited for him for so long to return, but James had only been away for a few minutes.

He looked down on her and smiled. She was beautiful, an artwork he could cherish all long, and as he looked over her, watching her caress her body, those impure thoughts began to run through his mind. She was naked and beautiful.

Her legs were parted, exposing herself more as she attempted to touch herself, but James got down on his knees and stopped her, placing his hand over hers and moving it away, before she had the chance. He nodded, telling her that he would do the honors of pleasing her. He set his glass of wine down between her legs and leaned over to study her delicious sex. Her slit glistened. She was ripe and ready for him, wanting him to please her body with his touches.
James didn’t waste any time when he held his glass in his hand and rubbed his thumb over wanton center, giving a soft caress she could respond to. She lolled her head with enjoyment and began caress herself, squeezing and pinching her nipples. He inserted one finger inside her, instantaneously taking the warm juices on his finger. He inserted a second one, and the woman elicited a soft groan of pleasure.

James had her in command. He slowly moved his fingers in and out of her pussy, while she bucked for him. This woman was very beautiful and intoxicating, and watching her respond to his touch made him harder than ever. His dick begged to be free and inside this gorgeous woman. Her appetite was making his appetite grow, and the more he thought about the more he wanted to unzip his pants and take out his dick, shove that hard cock deep inside her, while his face pressed against hers as they fucked wildly on the settee. The wine was making him feel relaxed, but her body kept him very energized.

He finished his glass of wine and set it down on the floor. James, without any further hesitation, attacked her folds. James lapped at her sweet juices as his cock ached with pure jealousy. When she grabbed his hair, the woman grinded herself against his face, sharing gasps and moans out of pleasure. This woman was in a state of ecstasy. She wanted him, probably begging him to be inside her right now, but James wanted to wait it out longer, make her beg for it, but the battle was soon lost when he reached for his zipper, pulling it down and reached inside his pants to take out his hardness.

Yes, this man was hard and ready for her. He grabbed himself and began to stroke very slowly, anticipating the moment he was going to be inside her. He was wet and ready; so intoxicating. James worried he would burst inside her, once he slid himself in. He wanted to taste more of her, and as much as he resisted the urge to fuck her the battle was soon lost. He couldn’t wait any longer.

He got on the sofa and undid his belt buckle. James lied on top of her and slid in without any resistance. She was wet, very wet, and fuck so tight. He tried to take it slow, but the girl was so impatient to fuck the rhythm became faster. His strokes were deep and passionate. He pushed against the resistance deep inside her. Her body was making his body respond in a very delicious way.

She moaned and howled while she held onto him. James felt her constrict around him. He felt her body tighten more and her expression of enjoyment showed. She curled her legs around his ass, encouraging him to fuck her harder, pound her, slam her. She wanted him to show her how she meant for him, and the passion was very strong for James.

And with each stroke, James caused her body to respond with a very loud noise of pleasure. He stayed with followed her wave of pleasure, but James’ pace had caused an ache brewing inside him. The pressure was building, this fiery woman look back at him with a clear indication that it was his turn to cum. She wanted to feel the warmth of his cum on her body, and James was almost there.

The feeling grew very intense. James couldn’t stop what was about to happen. He growled and pulled out of her, resting his cock over mound as he shot his cum over her body, one pulse after another. The woman in return rubbed her slit against his throbbing cock as she looked down and savored the delicious mess he was leaving over her body.

James wanted to finish the rest of his orgasm inside. He pushed himself in and let out a loud growl, savoring the relieving pleasure of being inside her. It was so erotic, wonderful. Even the woman lolled her head back with enjoyment.

The two looked into each other’s eyes and returned a grin. It was a wonderful session worth sharing. He remained inside her until he waned, but damn, what a moment these two shared. 

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