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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 01/28/2017

Happy Saturday everyone.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. 

Today, I'm going to come across with something so erotic, you'll be wanting to more.

It's a short 391 word snippet. 


“Shhh,” Kelly silenced Jules, “Listen. Can you hear the noise we’re making together?”

Jules could hear it alright. Better yet, he could feel the wetness of her gliding over his hardness, and the erotic sound of her pussy moving up and down on him. She was so relieving. The sound was so hot, he could let off from the wonderful sensations.

He held on to her, gently; one hand over her ass, while cupping her breast with his other hand. Jules could only wish the blindfold was removed from his face, as he wanted to see her lustful expression. Her breathing was soft, filled with gentle gasps of pleasure. The way she moved herself up and down his shaft, it was an orgasm ready to happen between them.

Then Kelly leaned over to kiss his lips. Her kisses soon morphed into something more erotic, where their tongues touched, swirled around together as the coolness of the air meddled between their kisses. Kelly soon sucked on his bottom lip, which left Jules aching with a huge desire. He was hard – really hard inside her, and the way Kelly rolled her hips on him was causing him to lose control.

Jules hissed, begging in the back of his mind not to cum. He wanted to hold off, savor more of her body, but the way her body tormented him, he wasn’t able to.

Then Kelly whispered a seductive question in his ear, “Are you ready to cum?” Jules nodded quickly. His face was contorted from pleasure. Kelly’s body was too much to handle right now. Then she uttered those magic words in his ear. “Cum.”

Jules held on to her ass and straightened himself. He grunted loudly, as he felt his cock twitch inside her, filling her body with his warm seed. The tension on his balls felt so intense, he shot hard inside her, causing Kelly to gyrate her hips sensuously, holding him close, encouraging him with her sensuous words.

His grip loosen, and Jules felt more relaxed. When his breathing evened out, Kelly rested on top of him, kissing and nuzzling at the side of his neck. She was a wonderful relief of pleasure, and Jules loved the way she aroused him.

Kelly then said to him with a short giggle, moving her hips. “I hope you’re ready for round two.”

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