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Friday, January 27, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/27/2017: The Studying Partner

Happy Friday.

It's time to present my Friday's flash in 100 words.


Paul rushed out of class and made his way through the campus, as he was looking forward to a Friday night of studying and listening to late night house mixes on his smart phone. When he arrived at his dorm room, Paul was quickly stunned over what he saw, Stacy, the girl from physics class was lying on the floor in her black lingerie set, display all her beautiful assets to take Paul aback on.

His heart jumped, closing the door behind him. “What are you doing here?”

Stacy tapped her pencil against her lips. “You agreed to be my studying partner.”

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  1. I imagine he won't get any book studies done! Nice flash!

  2. Great flash I wonder what he'll really spend the night studying though

  3. Giggles I think there's going to be more than just studying. Awesome flash! Def need to grow on this snippet.