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Friday, January 6, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/06/2017: Ending His Life In Los Angeles

Happy Friday, everyone.

I hope everyone had enjoyed their new year. 

This is the first flash for 2017, and I want to share a piece with a twist.


Sean woke up with a feeling that wasn’t like any other morning. Even worse, the day was dreary and rainy over the once serene skyline of Los Angeles. It was the New Year, and he felt something really empty in his heart, like he had nothing to live for anymore. His life was now in ruins, and he felt all alone.

The city has eaten his soul alive, and he had no choice to end his life here. There was nothing left for him. It was time to take a new journey.

Time to head back to San Francisco, where he truly belongs.

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  1. Great flash. dark start, making me fear the worse, then the twist at the end was perfect

  2. Lol, you so had me going there. Love the twist, Ray :-)

  3. Awesome flash, had me holding my breathe for a moment. Love the detail wording. :)