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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Allison In Wonderland Is Now Available on Amazon for Pre-Order #AIWbyRayS

Hi, it’s been a week since I’ve posted on here, because I’ve been excitingly busy about the upcoming release of my book, Allison In Wonderland

After more than one year, I’m finally coming out with a new release, and this book is going to be better than what I anticipated, because here is what the story is all about.

It carries the same theme, except I stepped up the story to my own version, where the Red Queen is a succubus, her lover is an incubus. Instead of Allison being just some ordinary young, naïve girl. I thought of her as a twenty eight year-old heiress who ends up in a strange world with her smart-ass step-brother, Steve, who had the hots for her since they were teenagers.

In this story, what you’ll expect to find is an adventure, comedy, and a purpose between Allison and Steve. All characters in the story are human. So, there aren’t any creatures in the story, unlike other stories or parodies. Allison In Wonderland is a stepped up tale of how a story should be told, but with lots of erotic scenes that will keep you interested.

And I mean lots, from ménages to girl-on-girl, and etc. You’ll be surprised by the sex scene I wrote for Mr. Hatter’s tea party; it’s really interesting. And did I ever mention how naughty the White Queen is. She is pure and everything, but there is a naughty side of her unlike ever before.

Allison In Wonderland is now available on Amazon for pre-order: 

And while many other books that write about Alice are about the same, this book here is different from the rest.

Go ahead, reserve a copy and be ready to be taken into an adventure.

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