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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Allison In Wonderland Release Blitz #AIWbyRayS

Title: Allison in Wonderland: An Erotic Novel
Author: Ray Sostre
Genre: Adult, Erotic Fantasy Adventure
Published: January 31, 2017
In this parody to the children story, there’s an adult twist – an erotic fantasy adventure. Allison Woodward and her step-brother, Steve Robbins, are pulled out of their world and into separate realms of Wonderland, where they not only discover a strange world but encounter the chilling events that unfold. What summons them to Wonderland will also summon them to fall in love in an unusual way, and while that love wouldn’t be explainable in their world, it is their only chance to survive Wonderland, along with the help of their Wonderland friends.

Allison in Wonderland: An Erotic Novel (Sensual Excerpt) © Ray Sostre 2016/2017

Back at the tea party, Allison proceeded to pour another cup of jasmine tea. Despite her need to go, she was enjoying the delicious tea and treats of sandwiches and cakes. Everyone at the table continued to talk and share fond memories of Dormouse and Mr. Rabbit, except Allison, since she had no clue who they were, but she learned how much they were the life of the party a long time ago.
While Allison listened to the conversation, she felt Willow’s hand slide across her hip, which for some reason made her nipples grow hard under her teddy and a delicious ache grow in her core. Never before had she felt turned on by another woman, but Willow’s touch had seemed to hit the right nerve in her body. If this was another woman, Allison would’ve fended her off, but for some reason, she wasn’t protesting the way Willow was touching her.
The Willow leaned over and asked, “How did you like the tea?”
Allison turned to her and said, “It’s very good. In fact, this is the best tea I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.”
“Would you like me to show you the garden? I’m sure you’ll like the smell of the flowers, and I can tell you’re getting quite bored with this conversation, since you didn’t know who these men were.”
For some reason, Allison couldn’t say no, and the way Willow slid her hand up her thigh, Allison was feeling moisture growing inside her. Why couldn’t she say no? Allison couldn’t because she was feeling turned on by her.
“Sure,” Allison obliged when she moved her hand on top of Willow’s, and the two got up from their seats and walked away from the table.
The table didn’t even ask where they were going; they just kept talking. Allison was taken to a lush garden filled with flowers of lavender and jasmine. The smell was very euphoric; a fresh smell of spring in the air.
“I have to say,” Willow said, “you have very soft hands.”
“Thank you.”
The two continued to walk inside the garden where they sat on a bench together, surrounded by tall flowers that secluded them from everyone else. For some reason, Allison felt a knee-weakening feeling growing. She had never been with a woman before, nor ever kissed one, but Allison was willing, since the moment felt right. She felt comfortable, and the way Willow was caressing her hand had Allison’s heart beating really fast.
“Um, Willow, there’s one thing I need to tell you.”
“What’s that?”
“I’ve never … kissed a woman before.”
Willow was intrigued, “Really?”
“Um, yeah.”
Then Willow inched closer to her. “Why don’t you relax; I promise to make you feel comfortable.”
New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010. That same year, he established AfterDark Online, a site for erotic authors.

He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles.
He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”

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Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/31/2017 - Auditioning for Mr. Arden

Happy Tuesday.

It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.

I've been on a writing kick, creating these erotic snippets. I want to give a good shout out to someone that I'm a fan on Twitter, and so far she's inspired more out of me.

Also, I'm happy to announce the release of my book, Allison In Wonderland. It's a wonderful erotic tale with a twist.

In the meantime, please enjoy this little snippet.

Thank you,  @Sassy_SexxyRain for the inspiration.


Mr. Arden quickly boarded on the plane and flew over to Budapest to visit someone. He received a phone call regarding about this beautiful talent that would like to entertain him at his private suite. She was not only gorgeous, but very erotic and willing. Also she wanted to audition for him in hopes of him to accept her and fly her back over to New York, where she could not only be his private entertainer but a companion.

He was driven from the airport over to an old building in Budapest, where he met an old friend, who was also a Mistress. She showed him to a closed room, where he noticed a woman sitting on the table with a long chain linked to the wall. She was pretty. Her eyes were a glowing hazel color, with a pale feature and a smile that immediately caught his eye. She was naked; beauty painted all over her body, enough for Mr. Arden to see.

She touched herself and slipped a finger inside her wet folds, enticing him to where he grew hard under his pants.

“I’ll take her, ” Mr. Arden said to the Mistress without seeing any more. “She’s perfect.”

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Monday, January 30, 2017

OUT NOW: Allison In Wonderland #AIWbyRayS

Edited by:

Elizabeth Wright
Elicia S. Stoll

Cover Design by:

Tiffany Huegele


In this parody to the children story, there’s an adult twist – an erotic fantasy adventure. Allison Woodward and her step-brother, Steve Robbins, are pulled out of their world and into separate realms of Wonderland, where they not only discover a strange world but encounter the chilling events that unfold. What summons them to Wonderland will also summon them to fall in love in an unusual way, and while that love wouldn’t be explainable in their world, it is their only chance to survive Wonderland, along with the help of their Wonderland friends.     


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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 01/29/2017: A Taste To Succumb To

Good morning, and I hope  you're having a fabulous Sunday.

I'm so much into the writing mood here, looking to write another short, hot snippet for you all to enjoy.

James poured himself a glass of wine and picked it up, as he carried into a large room filled with bookshelves and vintage wooden furniture, along with a beautiful red settee, which lied a beautiful woman with bright red hair and pale features, dressed in a pair of black stockings that connected to her lacy garter belt around her waist. She looked in pure bliss – heavenly, she smiled back at him. It was like she had waited for him for so long to return, but James had only been away for a few minutes.

He looked down on her and smiled. She was beautiful, an artwork he could cherish all long, and as he looked over her, watching her caress her body, those impure thoughts began to run through his mind. She was naked and beautiful.

Her legs were parted, exposing herself more as she attempted to touch herself, but James got down on his knees and stopped her, placing his hand over hers and moving it away, before she had the chance. He nodded, telling her that he would do the honors of pleasing her. He set his glass of wine down between her legs and leaned over to study her delicious sex. Her slit glistened. She was ripe and ready for him, wanting him to please her body with his touches.
James didn’t waste any time when he held his glass in his hand and rubbed his thumb over wanton center, giving a soft caress she could respond to. She lolled her head with enjoyment and began caress herself, squeezing and pinching her nipples. He inserted one finger inside her, instantaneously taking the warm juices on his finger. He inserted a second one, and the woman elicited a soft groan of pleasure.

James had her in command. He slowly moved his fingers in and out of her pussy, while she bucked for him. This woman was very beautiful and intoxicating, and watching her respond to his touch made him harder than ever. His dick begged to be free and inside this gorgeous woman. Her appetite was making his appetite grow, and the more he thought about the more he wanted to unzip his pants and take out his dick, shove that hard cock deep inside her, while his face pressed against hers as they fucked wildly on the settee. The wine was making him feel relaxed, but her body kept him very energized.

He finished his glass of wine and set it down on the floor. James, without any further hesitation, attacked her folds. James lapped at her sweet juices as his cock ached with pure jealousy. When she grabbed his hair, the woman grinded herself against his face, sharing gasps and moans out of pleasure. This woman was in a state of ecstasy. She wanted him, probably begging him to be inside her right now, but James wanted to wait it out longer, make her beg for it, but the battle was soon lost when he reached for his zipper, pulling it down and reached inside his pants to take out his hardness.

Yes, this man was hard and ready for her. He grabbed himself and began to stroke very slowly, anticipating the moment he was going to be inside her. He was wet and ready; so intoxicating. James worried he would burst inside her, once he slid himself in. He wanted to taste more of her, and as much as he resisted the urge to fuck her the battle was soon lost. He couldn’t wait any longer.

He got on the sofa and undid his belt buckle. James lied on top of her and slid in without any resistance. She was wet, very wet, and fuck so tight. He tried to take it slow, but the girl was so impatient to fuck the rhythm became faster. His strokes were deep and passionate. He pushed against the resistance deep inside her. Her body was making his body respond in a very delicious way.

She moaned and howled while she held onto him. James felt her constrict around him. He felt her body tighten more and her expression of enjoyment showed. She curled her legs around his ass, encouraging him to fuck her harder, pound her, slam her. She wanted him to show her how she meant for him, and the passion was very strong for James.

And with each stroke, James caused her body to respond with a very loud noise of pleasure. He stayed with followed her wave of pleasure, but James’ pace had caused an ache brewing inside him. The pressure was building, this fiery woman look back at him with a clear indication that it was his turn to cum. She wanted to feel the warmth of his cum on her body, and James was almost there.

The feeling grew very intense. James couldn’t stop what was about to happen. He growled and pulled out of her, resting his cock over mound as he shot his cum over her body, one pulse after another. The woman in return rubbed her slit against his throbbing cock as she looked down and savored the delicious mess he was leaving over her body.

James wanted to finish the rest of his orgasm inside. He pushed himself in and let out a loud growl, savoring the relieving pleasure of being inside her. It was so erotic, wonderful. Even the woman lolled her head back with enjoyment.

The two looked into each other’s eyes and returned a grin. It was a wonderful session worth sharing. He remained inside her until he waned, but damn, what a moment these two shared. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 01/28/2017

Happy Saturday everyone.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. 

Today, I'm going to come across with something so erotic, you'll be wanting to more.

It's a short 391 word snippet. 


“Shhh,” Kelly silenced Jules, “Listen. Can you hear the noise we’re making together?”

Jules could hear it alright. Better yet, he could feel the wetness of her gliding over his hardness, and the erotic sound of her pussy moving up and down on him. She was so relieving. The sound was so hot, he could let off from the wonderful sensations.

He held on to her, gently; one hand over her ass, while cupping her breast with his other hand. Jules could only wish the blindfold was removed from his face, as he wanted to see her lustful expression. Her breathing was soft, filled with gentle gasps of pleasure. The way she moved herself up and down his shaft, it was an orgasm ready to happen between them.

Then Kelly leaned over to kiss his lips. Her kisses soon morphed into something more erotic, where their tongues touched, swirled around together as the coolness of the air meddled between their kisses. Kelly soon sucked on his bottom lip, which left Jules aching with a huge desire. He was hard – really hard inside her, and the way Kelly rolled her hips on him was causing him to lose control.

Jules hissed, begging in the back of his mind not to cum. He wanted to hold off, savor more of her body, but the way her body tormented him, he wasn’t able to.

Then Kelly whispered a seductive question in his ear, “Are you ready to cum?” Jules nodded quickly. His face was contorted from pleasure. Kelly’s body was too much to handle right now. Then she uttered those magic words in his ear. “Cum.”

Jules held on to her ass and straightened himself. He grunted loudly, as he felt his cock twitch inside her, filling her body with his warm seed. The tension on his balls felt so intense, he shot hard inside her, causing Kelly to gyrate her hips sensuously, holding him close, encouraging him with her sensuous words.

His grip loosen, and Jules felt more relaxed. When his breathing evened out, Kelly rested on top of him, kissing and nuzzling at the side of his neck. She was a wonderful relief of pleasure, and Jules loved the way she aroused him.

Kelly then said to him with a short giggle, moving her hips. “I hope you’re ready for round two.”

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/27/2017: The Studying Partner

Happy Friday.

It's time to present my Friday's flash in 100 words.


Paul rushed out of class and made his way through the campus, as he was looking forward to a Friday night of studying and listening to late night house mixes on his smart phone. When he arrived at his dorm room, Paul was quickly stunned over what he saw, Stacy, the girl from physics class was lying on the floor in her black lingerie set, display all her beautiful assets to take Paul aback on.

His heart jumped, closing the door behind him. “What are you doing here?”

Stacy tapped her pencil against her lips. “You agreed to be my studying partner.”

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trivial Facts About Allison In Wonderland #AIWbyRayS

Hey everyone. I’m really excited about the book release of Allison In Wonderland. It is my very first published erotic novel ever, and a number of people couldn’t be anymore excited about the release of the book. As they were anticipating what the story will look like after the cover reveal, but since I have a week away from the release. I would like to explain a number of trivial events about the book, Allison In Wonderland, and how did it get to where it is today.

Trivia 1: First Written in December 2015, Inspired by a fan – Sara Davis.

A good fan of mine, Sara Davis, came across with a number of pics in December 2015, and these pics were mainly from DeviantArt to other form of pictures. When she posted some of them on Facebook, I was intrigued and inspired about writing the story. I didn’t know how I could exactly write it at that time, but when I wrote the first paragraph, it was very rough to begin with, since I couldn’t find an adult way to begin the story.

Trivia 2: Allison In Wonderland didn’t become a step-sibling story, until…

One night in late December 2015, when I was talking to someone at work about the project I’m working on, when I accidentally came up with a name of Steve Robinson ( a friend and co-worker of mine). Now, at first, I laughed it off, realizing it was an error, but then I thought why not. I was able to utilize his personality in the story, where I was able to develop a good character. When I originally wrote the story, it was just a one-page story completed, but I wanted to add flavor to it and decided on adding Steve Robinson’s character into the story. Now, I didn’t want to use his full name, so instead I shortened his last name and added an extra ‘b’ to the name. And in addition, I wanted him to have a major role in the story, at every chapter, since he’s the hero to the heroine of the story. The focus of the story is really about Allison, but this story wouldn’t pan out well with the help of Steve.

Thanks partna! By the way, he was also a great sport about it. And he was impressed on how I developed his character.

Trivia 3: Porn stars helped my inspiration of my story.

Yes, I watch porn. I have no shame in it. I do have some collection, and I love how it helps with certain sex scenes, but in this story I was really inspired by these people who help create my characters.

Syren De Mer to play as the Red Queen
Tommy Gunn to play as Lord Knave
Dani Jensen to play as Jessica the White Rabbit
Danny D to play as Cheshire
James Deen to play as Mr. Hatter
Kate England to play as Kara the Sorceress
Emma Leigh to play as Willow, Mr. Hatter’s lover.
Karla Kush to play as Allison Woodward.

Trivia 4: Metroid was another part of the inspiration behind Allison In Wonderland

How to make the story something different, while keeping its erotic content and the theme of the story interesting, include a succubus.

To those who never played video games in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Metroid was a very popular video game, about a female bounty hunter to take on these life-sucking creatures called Metroids.

I wanted the Red Queen and Lord Knave to be very villainous, and have a real purpose in the story. After watching a number of clips of Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, and Metroid Zero on YouTube, it did gave me an idea on how to give these two villains the purpose in my story. I didn’t want my story to have any full similarity to all the others.

So, it was then I came across with the idea of a succubi. They’re like vampires, only they prey on their victims through sexual activity.

The video game, Metroid also gave me an idea to re-create Allison. Unlike other Alice In Wonderland stories, respectively, they either created her as a ditz or just a young curious girl that was willing to try anything. I wanted her to be totally different; emancipated, self-willed and fierce, but overall a woman, where another part of my inspiration came from one of the sexiest Nintendo characters, also featured in Metroid, Samus Aran.

Trivia 5: There were a number of delays in releasing the book.

When I completed the story in early May, I was expecting a turnaround time in three months, but there were too many delays on the story. Originally, I was supposed to release the book in September and then release the book in November, but January was the third-time charm to release the book.

Trivia 6: There were too many characters to put in Allison In Wonderland, but I had to create my own.

I had to create two characters in the story, Willow and Kara.

When I originally created Kara, she was suppose to be evil and only serving the Red Queen, but for some reason I felt I liked the character and thought about giving it some life. It was then when I decided to create Kara a double agent, serving the Red Queen, but her allegiance was to the White Queen.

Willow, was Mr. Hatter’s lover. I never wanted to eliminate her in the story, but in order to keep the story interesting and moving I had to. I liked the character to where it was hard for me to write a death scene in the story. I don’t like killing my characters in the story, but in order to add suspense to it, I’m sorry Willow.

Kara, in the story was suppose to die too, but I felt I needed to add a twist in the story, especially at the end.

While the original story had Dormouse and March Hare, along with other creatures, I was so limited to creating so many. One thing I don’t like to do is open Pandora’s Box if I don’t have to. If I add a character in the story, then I have to give a little background and fulfill the story with them. The story I wrote was filled with so many characters, I didn’t feel it was necessary. I wanted to be different from the rest.

As far as the names, I too wanted to be different. I wanted. Instead of using the name Alice, I felt Allison was much better, more to my own style. The Mad Hatter will be called Mr. Hatter, the Knave of Hearts would be called Lord Knave, even Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I didn’t want to create twins that represented the original story, I wanted to give life to them and more depth in the story, and their names mattered very much to me, where I called them the Tweedle Brothers, given the names of Dre and Dru. And since this was a story for adults, I wanted the Tweedle Brothers to look as sexy as they can.

Trivia 7: All characters in the story are human.

First off, I’m not into shape-shifters. It’s not my thing. I wanted to created a cosplay of characters instead. For example: The Cheshire Cat is a cat, but I created a well-groomed man in a suit with cat ears. The White Rabbit was a sexy redhead woman with rabbit ears; Absalom was a good-looking man with long blue hair, but all of them will have special abilities.

Trivia 8: The Red Queen and The White Queen are step-sisters.

In the original story, both Iracabeth (The Red Queen)  and Mirana (The White Queen) are actual sister, where Iracabeth is the oldest. In my story, Iracabeth is the youngest and Mriana is the oldest.

There is a history between them of why there is a war going on in Wonderland, and they’re given unique powers of their own. However, the two will never meet during a battle, because I felt it would’ve alter the mood of the story.

I did hit it on the nail about how I wanted to portray the sexual nature of my characters, The Red Queen being the dark seductress and the White Queen being the sensual seductress.

Trivia 9: This book is the first book I have ever written a transgender scene.

It was difficult for me to digest it first, because of the stigma to a hetero male writer, but this was Wonderland, and if I was going to add erotic elements I was going to get very creative. I don’t regret adding a hidden character in the story – the Chimera, Willow’s twin brother that dwelled inside her. This story needed a purpose as to why the Red Queen was pursuing to take over the Wonderland, and what could stop the Red Queen from turning Wonderland into an apocalypse.

Trivia 10: The most difficult and fun story I’ve written so far.

And yes, it was really true. I wrote this story for a fan of mine, and I wanted to deliver something like never before. While I enjoy writing erotic contemporary stories, filled with light BDSM, LGBT, and lots of ménages, I wanted to expand into something else to see what I’m really capable of. Writing this story has taught me something. It has taught me to be very imaginative; open my mind to write anything in erotic context. I use both paranormal elements in the story, and this has given me hope to write anything I put my mind into.

And now that I did it, I’m proud to have written it and love the way it’s turned out.

Pick up your copy today!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/24/2017 - Insertion of Arousal

Happy Tuesday.

I hope you had a good weekend. 

It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.


Jose wrapped his hand over Carolyn’s neck and licked the side of her earlobe, when she felt his other hand reaching for her thong, pushing it aside to reveal her tight entrance.

She felt something cold and metallic. What was it? She almost resisted, and from the feeling of his grip over her neck, she Carolyn knew he was trying to shove something inside her ass.

“Relax yourself,” Jose growled in her ear erotically. “I want you to accept this offering… from me.”

Carolyn obliged. She was relaxed, allowing Jose to place the anal plug inside her tight hold. She felt him push and pull the toy in her ass. Carolyn embraced its size and allowed it to fit in her ass, nice and snug. The feeling of it made her core throb. So Wet.

“There, better?’ Jose looked at her with a devilish grin.

“Oh yes, much better.” Carolyn grin.

“Now, I have another offering.” He said unzipping his pants and pulled out his cock. He was hard and rigid. Then he nodded to someone behind her.

Carolyn turned and saw a shirtless man with short red hair and just a pair of pants on. He had a chiseled body as well.

“Now about your fantasy.” Jose said.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/20/2017: Therapy Session

Happy Friday.

I've been awfully busy preparing things for the release of my erotic tale, Allison In Wonderland, 
which will release on Monday, January 30th. I'm pretty excited and nervous about the release

This is the first time I've ever published an erotic novel. 

Anyways, here is my flash for Friday, Jan 20th.

I'm inspired by this pic. I may consider writing a story about it.

Anyways, Enjoy!

Up the steps… Room 209 was the message Jason received on his phone when he texted her that he was in the building. The hotel wasn’t completely a place to enjoy a stay, but he continued up the steps until he reached the room number.

He knocked a few times on the door. A woman answered in the background. “It’s open, come in.”

Jason walked inside and closed the door. Standing by the window was a tall, blonde woman in black lingerie, filling the room with the sudden seduction.

She turned to Jason and grinned. “Are you ready for your therapy session?”

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Allison In Wonderland Is Now Available on Amazon for Pre-Order #AIWbyRayS

Hi, it’s been a week since I’ve posted on here, because I’ve been excitingly busy about the upcoming release of my book, Allison In Wonderland

After more than one year, I’m finally coming out with a new release, and this book is going to be better than what I anticipated, because here is what the story is all about.

It carries the same theme, except I stepped up the story to my own version, where the Red Queen is a succubus, her lover is an incubus. Instead of Allison being just some ordinary young, naïve girl. I thought of her as a twenty eight year-old heiress who ends up in a strange world with her smart-ass step-brother, Steve, who had the hots for her since they were teenagers.

In this story, what you’ll expect to find is an adventure, comedy, and a purpose between Allison and Steve. All characters in the story are human. So, there aren’t any creatures in the story, unlike other stories or parodies. Allison In Wonderland is a stepped up tale of how a story should be told, but with lots of erotic scenes that will keep you interested.

And I mean lots, from ménages to girl-on-girl, and etc. You’ll be surprised by the sex scene I wrote for Mr. Hatter’s tea party; it’s really interesting. And did I ever mention how naughty the White Queen is. She is pure and everything, but there is a naughty side of her unlike ever before.

Allison In Wonderland is now available on Amazon for pre-order: 

And while many other books that write about Alice are about the same, this book here is different from the rest.

Go ahead, reserve a copy and be ready to be taken into an adventure.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/13/2017: Easing His Day

Happy Friday,

Yes, it's Friday the 13th, and today I want to come up with a semi-seductive piece

Nothing makes a man's hard day go away like a naked woman wanting to seduce.


Marvin sat in his chair to unwind. He lit up a cigarette and contemplated in calm his demeanor about his bad day at work. He couldn’t help think about the deal he lost against his rival bidder. Marvin was always use to winning; he felt losing was never an option, but tonight he will sit in his chair and think over his defeat… or so he thought. Lara walked in the den wearing nothing on. She wore an inviting look as she approached him.

Marvin, for a moment, thought of telling her to go away, but Lara had a way to help him forget.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/10/2017: Seduction For Breakfast

Good morning. 

It's time for another segment.

Today, I want to come across with a very sensual piece for Tuesday.


“It was such a beautiful morning, standing behind you watching the sun rise from the mountains.” Joe said to Tori when she lolled her head back against his chest to kiss him. “It’s too bad that we have to return back to reality.”

“Mmmhmm,” Tori agreed. “We do have six hours to return home.”

“Why don’t I cook you breakfast?” Joe offered.

“I have a better idea, why don’t we go out for breakfast?” She turned herself around pressing her curves against his chiseled body and gave him a kiss. “I have something else in mind. We could go for another round and go to the little restaurant on the road.”

Joe moved his eyes down and noticed her breasts, then he averted his eyes back at her with he noticed a seductive grin. It was naughty and sincere, but Joe couldn’t resist from saying no. He loved the way she glowed from the morning sun, but more when he felt the heat of her body arousing him.

“On one condition,” he requested, “I get to be on top.”

Tori grinned and laughed seductively. “I was hoping you were going to behind me. I want to feel all of you inside me.”

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Random Short Snippets - 01/07/2017: Vivien's Initial Feeling of Thane

Hope you're having a great weekend. It's time for another one of those Random Short Snippets.

And what could make a Saturday so hot when you look at this pic.

I guarantee this will be a hot writing piece.


Vivien lied on the bed as she watched Thane part her legs. He was hard and ready, determined to be inside her. Just one look and she knew she couldn’t resist what he was about to give her. She couldn’t resist what he was about to put inside her. That delicious-looking sword of flesh she had many times inside her, remembering the way it throbbed from being inside her too long. She loved what his cock offered, and now she was going to get another reminder of him being inside her, once and for all.

Ah yes, the feeling of his heat being buried inside hers. What a delicious combination.

Her eyes remained locked on his cock, as he slid his hardness over her slit, rubbing it and teasing it, making her body beg with need. His cock over her clit felt warm. Hot. She watched his expression when he looked back at her and rubbed himself against her slit. He indicated how bad he wanted to be inside her. How much he wanted to feel her wetness at the moment he stretch inside her. He locked eyes with her, as if he was telepathically talking to her.

And yes. Oh my god, she wanted that too. Vivien couldn’t take the torment any longer. She wanted to feel Thane’s cock inside her like it was her first time – her very first time having him inside. All she had to do was give him the word and let him know how much she wanted it.

But she didn’t. Vivien watched Thane’s body buck against her. His cock continued to rub against her slit. The feeling of his cock rubbing her clit felt wonderful. She couldn’t help from touching her breasts. What he was doing felt amazing. Yes!

Then instead of telling him to put inside her, Vivien nodded at Thane with the clear indication of what she wanted him to do. She wanted his cock, needed it inside her. Vivien wore a wanton look on her face, anxiously begging to have him fuck her, but she wasn’t going to tell him.

And finally, Thane moved his cock away and held it in his hand, as he positioned himself  against her wet entrance and pushed further inside her, causing her to loll her head back and elicit a moan. What a relief it was, feeling him stretch inside her walls of pleasure until he buried himself completely inside her. If only she could experience that feeling over and over again. Other than feeling his climax, feeling him stretch inside her for the first time was the best feeling ever, like a drug being administered to her. She wanted more now.

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