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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 12/08/2016: A Hangover Surprise

Happy Thursday

Today, I want to come across with a short snippet for Thursday.

Hope you enjoy this snippet, in 294 words.


Helen woke up in a strange bed. That was one hell of a party. She didn’t know what the hell happened, but the last time she remembered she was drinking lots of gin and tonics, and there were plenty of people. Most of them were half-naked and dancing together, except her. She was so drunk, Helen crashed in a room, where she remembered being helped by a friend, Lisa.

She looked up to the ceiling, holding her head with her hand from the throbbing headache. She rolled to her side and saw a bucket by the bed. It was empty, but damn, the bucket trick somehow worked. She remembered Lisa telling someone to leave the bucket. She was so fucked up, her world was spinning upside-down.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned in agony. Her headache was really strong. “No more gin and tonic.”

She sat up and looked around to see what time it was. It was ten in the morning. If anything, she needed something to make this hangover go away. She stepped out of the room and headed down the hall.

She heard strange noises coming from somewhere – noises of pleasure. Damn, was someone watching a porno video. Then again, it sounded really live. Could someone be having sex in the living room?

She entered the living room and stood still, in silence. Helen saw something that was not only disturbing but interesting, her friend, Lisa, was naked and lying on top of the man as they had sex on the living room floor. She supported her arms, gyrating her hips wildly, while the man below sucked and nibbled at one of her nipples. But what was more disturbing was who she was having sex with was someone she knew. She almost gasped.

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