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Friday, December 2, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/02/2016: The Reunion

Happy Friday.

Today, I'm posting a short piece for Flash Fiction Friday.

This piece was a bit difficult to do, not because I couldn't come up with anything,
but it was because I had a hard time keeping it under 100 words. 

No matter how I did it, I was going to be over by at least 5-8 words.

The total word count is 106. So please forgive me and enjoy!

Winson arrived at the party, and had a look around to see who was still around who had gone. When he passed by another room, he stood still, transfixed at the woman in a black lingerie. She was gothic looking, with raven dark hair and beautiful pale skin. Winson couldn’t believe that after all these years, Jasmine, his former lover, was still around. She was the reason why he left, and here she was seated on the sofa and collared up with a long chain, by her new master who displayed a hard expression.

“Hello lover,” Jasmine looked up and grinned. “Long time, no see.”

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  1. very intriguing flash Ray. One I would love to read more of

  2. Mmmmm I see a story brewing with this one. Awesome Flash!!