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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Allison In Wonderland #AIWbyRayS #EARTG #ASMSG - The Inspiration Behind the Characters

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 2016 had been a good year, so far, but a year that tested a lot of my patience. It had also shed light on what I wanted to do with my life more, and that is to write more erotica as possible.

And I’m so excited to share more about my upcoming release to Allison In Wonderland.

This is going to be my first published novel, and also my first erotic fantasy novel that was taken from a real book, and while I hope for the book to be a hot-seller, I also have aspirations on a film. Today, I’m going to show you my dream cast, if this book was ever to go into adult film. Now, if you’re not familiar with the porn actors and actresses it’s okay. I will educate you a bit on them, but their performances on film had inspired me very much of what I wanted in my story.

Syren De Mer – The Red Queen.

When I first seen her performance a few years ago, I amazed of the uniqueness of her. Syren De Mer was the perfect inspiration behind the villainous, sex goddess, The Red Queen. On film, I noticed a very sensual and freaky side of her that I like. She had performed in a number of films, but what I also saw in her was the perfect demeanor to play the Red Queen in the story. Now, if my book (just an erotic author’s dream) was to ever go on adult film, I would hope to have Syren De Mer to play this role. BTW, love your work, Syren!

The Red Queen in my story is the source of all evil. What she really want is revenge for not being the heir to Wonderland, and she has set her revenge to her step-sister in the story, creating fear. When she makes an assassination attempt on the White Queen, by hiring a succubus to do her bidding, she was told by her sorceress that the succubus has wielded the power of draining souls of her enemies, by drinking the blood of the succubus she would attain the power, and she would have Lord Knave to rule at her side.

The Red Queen in the story is focused heavily on her beauty and power. She will stop at nothing to become the most powerful woman in all of Wonderland.

Tommy Gunn – Lord Knave

A villainous queen must have a villainous sidekick, but in this case the Red Queen’s right-hand man and lover, Lord Knave. Now I never disclosed much about how they fell in love in the story, but they are definitely a pair when they rule with evil. In addition to why I never got in depth of how they fell in love, I wanted to focus on the adventure in the story and most importantly Allison. Lord Knave, otherwise known as the Knave of Hearts (I switched the name around for my own creative reasons).

As far as the role for Lord Knave, porn actor Tommy Gunn would make the perfect appearance for this role. He has the perfect appearance, and even though he could’ve had the shot doing some action films (not sure of his film history), but I have seen him appear in some clips involving the parody to Walking Dead.

With his stance and his image, I could imagine him wearing an eye patch, shaped like an upside-down heart and dark clothing, representing the evil man in this role.

In the story, I wanted to create Lord Knave as a sadistic character. He enjoys watching his enemies and prisoners suffer. He is the enforcer for the Red Queen, and very merciless, but Lord Knave has an ego and some insecurities. He’s not the perfect villain, but definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Mr. Hatter – James Deen

When I first wrote my version of Mr. Hatter, I was thinking of porn actor, James Deen (not to be confused with the legendary actor James Dean.) Anyways, seeing him appear in many other roles, where he not only has a cool demeanor but a dominating one, I was intrigued to use his appearance in my story.

Mr. Hatter in the story is definitely the master of ceremonies and plays a vital role to Allison. In this story, I wanted Mr. Hatter to have a lover; someone who is just as crazy as him. Someone that is naughty and rebellious, also willing to go along with life, including hosting the wonderful sex tea parties Mr. Hatter throws.

Willow (Hatter’s Lover) – Emma Leigh

Willow was a character in the story I created. I wanted Mr. Hatter to have a lover. I felt it was absolutely necessary, in order to give my version of the story some purpose. Willow, has a sultry British accent, and a very erotic appearance that not only spelled ‘lust’ but described sensuality. Who better than I would describe Emma Leigh? She has an enigmatic appearance and demeanor that I like, and I grew interested in her roles where I said to myself what a perfect description for her to play Willow. Not only is she British, but I could see the joker side of her, if she worked along with James Deen (just my imagination).

Willow, in the story, plays a role where she holds the key to defeating the Red Queen and Lord Knave – The Chimera. She is the last of the Chimera Clan and a powerful ally until the end.

Cheshire – Danny D.

Another British porn star, but with the kind of attitude I would recommend for this role, if this was turned into an adult film. Okay, while Cheshire is an actual cat, I have no intention to have a cast wear a costume, whatsoever. All of my characters will be in human form. However, could Danny D wear a pair of cat ears headband to play the role of Cheshire? And no, he wouldn’t have a tail. I didn’t design the story that way. Sorry, furbies are not my thing.

Now, to get out of the animal costume. LOL. I created Cheshire to have the same abilities as the Cheshire Cat in the story, but in a human form. He could material and de-materialize. I want him to have a very cool demeanor; very chill. Also a love interest to Jessica, who I’ll feature next.

Jessica (The White Rabbit) – Dani Jensen

Dani Jensen, is what I call the ginger bombshell in any role. She has a unique way to arouse her viewers or make them fantasize in fucking her hard and rough. She has a naughty and a mysterious side I like about her, and she makes the innocent look so well when she does performs these roles, but in this story I felt she fit the perfect description to play the role. I could imagine her wearing white rabbit ears over her head and red corset with hearts. While her character, Jessica, works for the Red Queen, she is also a double-agent for the White Queen, infiltrating her palace when she helps Allison rescue her step-brother Steve.

Tweedle Brothers (Dre and Dru) – Jonathan and Drew Scott.

Okay, these guys don’t obviously work in adult film, but they are the inspiration to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I wanted to come up with perfect descriptions for the Tweedle Brothers. Now why I decided on calling them the Tweedle Brothers was a method to my own madness. I felt calling them the Tweedle Brothers was more comfortable than just Tweedle Dee and Dum. Now in other stories, they look like a couple of M&M’s wearing some cornball outfits with a cap over their heads. I decided to make them sexy-looking. They were perfect for the threesome scene I created in the story, and being this is an erotic novel the men have to be attractive. So instead, I called them Dre and Dru. It just had a better appeal.

Kara (the Sorceress) – Kate England.

Originally, when I added Kara into the story, I needed to create characters that would help develop the story better. I wanted to create Kara who she was supposed to be the villain in my story, as the Red Queen’s sorceress, but I liked the way I was able to develop the character in the story. See, while Kara was one of the Red Queen’s subject, she was also a double-spy for the White Queen, she was the only one who could get so close to the Red Queen and Lord Knave, aside from Jessica. Now, why Kate England?

Kate England has the sassy attitude I like about her. She’s not only sensual and erotic, but there is the sense of adventure I picked up from her, and she also has an intellect that I can pick up. She stood out really well. I also noticed a versatility in her that I like. I originally thought of her description of Allison, but I saw something more about her. I couldn’t nail it more when I say I described Kara to be the perfect one for this role, Kara.

The White Queen – Cherie Deville

When I think of the White Queen, I think of a benevolent individual and an air of sensuality, also the naughtiness inside her with a touch of snark. It’s how I captured Cherie Deville. I’ve seen a number of her roles, and while some of her roles are a parody to reality, I love the sensuality in her roles more. It was why I designed the White Queen to look like Cherie Deville.

The White Queen is the real ruler of Wonderland, and in the story I will explain how a feud between Iracabeth and Mariana was born. While in the real story, respectively, had these two as sisters, Iracabeth being the oldest, I designed these two as step-sisters, where Mariana is the oldest.

Okay, respectively, Syren De Mer, my vision to play the Red Queen is older than her by at least a decade, and she looks gorgeous for her age. I have to pictured the White Queen to be older than her and a woman who hadn’t shown how much she aged despite her age. That is the hidden truth behind my story.

I wanted her to have a big role in the story I developed, where I came across with stories that either showed her as a floaty-ditz. I didn’t want to design Cherie’s character that way. Her character, the White Queen, is a cunning and clever person, very persuasive and sensual. I wanted to create the opposite of her stepsister, where she uses the power of persuasion, instead of brute force like Syren’s character.

BTW, Cherie, I hope you manage to catch this. Love your work!

Steve Robbins – my good friend, Steve Robinson.

In December 2015, I was talking to a fellow author and friend of mine, Melissa Wright, at my job about writing my story. I wanted to write a parody to Alice In Wonderland, and how I wanted to incorporate bits from the movie, Cruel Intentions (1999). Steve Robinson name came up accidentally during the discussion. He’s a good friend of mine and co-worker. He’s one crazy guy from the South. If anyone met him, they’ll love this guy; cooler than a fan.

Anyways, I didn’t want to use his full name, but I decided on shortening it to make it more appealing in the story. While I could have just let the story be based on Allison, I felt the story needed someone to upset the world of Wonderland; someone who would also shake up Allison world and give a true purpose in Wonderland. Steve is the step-brother to Allison, and how I designed this character was the similarity to my good friend Steve Robinson.

Now, he caught the glimpse of the story, and he was impressed and he can’t wait to read the rest of the story with his girl. Thanks for being a good sport in the story and letting me use the character, big homie.

Allison Woodward – Karla Kush

Last, but not least, Allison. Now, why Allison instead of Alice? Because I want my version to be different than the rest. Allison is the most easiest character to design in the story, but how I wanted to perceive Allison was not some curious girl only, but a woman in her late twenties, somewhat emancipated in Wonderland and nothing but a true leader. She’s the heroine in the story, and I could only think of one person that is described close enough to play the role – Karla Kush, another talented porn actress.

I was also intrigued by a number of roles Karla had played, and if this was ever turned into a movie and Karla was asked to play the role, I would hope she would say yes, because I find her one erotic star in this story. Just perfect for this role.

Well, that is all for now. Please stay in tune with more tidbits to my erotic novel.

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