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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/22/2016: The Shocking Video

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday. 

Today, I'm going to post a little comedy and fun off this pic.

Are you ready to get teased today?


Britney walked over to Sergio, holding her smart phone in her hand. Sergio was sitting at an empty table, listening to music from his headphones when she pulled a chair and sat beside him holding her phone in her hand.

She tapped him. “Sergio, you got to check this shit out. You remember Von, who used to work here?”

Sergio removed his headphones and turned to her “What?”

Britney was frustrated. “Jesus, don’t you remember Von Walker, before he got fired.”

“What about him?” Sergio asked.

“Well, you should’ve seen the video he sent me on my Messenger.”

Britney showed him the video as it played. His eyes widened when he saw Von in bed with a woman everyone’s familiar of – the boss’s daughter, Raquel.

This video had gotten his attention. “Holy shit! Is that who I think it is?”

“Yep, and she was riding him hard.”

Indeed, she was. The video showed Raquel bouncing her ass, up and down on his shaft. Von was fucking the boss’s daughter out of revenge. Why would Von do something like that, filming her having sex with him. This man had Balls of Steel, no pun intended.

Sergio looked up and saw someone he recognized. “You better hide your phone. Quick!”

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  1. Too much, Ray!! They saw that revenge is best served cold, but I think it looks a Hellava lot better served Hot 'n Wild! Sexy, Teaser ~MW

  2. Oh, who did he see? Great tease, Ray!

  3. Oh, naughty naughty, hide it quick! Hot tease Ray

  4. I loved this teaser. It was refreshing to have this scene the discussion of a video of the fired employee fucking the boss's daughter after he had been fired. Great twist at the end with the boss about to walk in on the two voyeurs.