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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/15/2016 - Her Erotic Pleasurer

Happy Tuesday, dirty-minded people. It's time for me to take the time out of my novel and arouse you with something never before. That's my intention; no matter what responsibility I bear.


His words... so erotic; the way he made her feel. She was in the need to get herself off. She needed to a good release after reading his wonderful dirty story. Damn, that author, how could he? He made her feel a certain way; a way she would never look at him the same way. Every time he spoke she would go home, go lie on the bed and get herself off, just thinking of him. The way he made her feel – arouse; her body was burning with need – a need to get off like there was no tomorrow.

All she could think of, was his body on top of hers. His cock was pressed in deep in her wet slit, while his face pressed against her and his face pressed against her with the need to for a hot release. She wanted something this naughty – so dirty. Damn, he was too hot to ignore. So hot, her mother wouldn’t approve being that he was a man of a different race and different ethnic background. He was Mid-Eastern; a man who helped captured her heart and her mind; someone who would make her cum from the words he had expressed.

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  1. Hotsy-totsy, Ray!! I guess that is what we'd like to think we do to our readers. THAT's sexy just thinking about it. Way to go...'scuse me while I myself! ~MW

  2. Hot hot. Would be nice to think we can make our readers feel that way