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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Random Short Snippets - 11/19/2016: Teaching Cora A Lesson

It's been a while since I've done one of these short hot stories on my blog.
I've been very busy with my novels, where I've neglected to entertain you with some dirty stories to help get you off. 

In this story, I'm doing a short BDSM, and there was something about this pic that really inspired me to entertain you, hopefully arouse you too. 

Please enjoy this dirty 1140 word short story.

“Ah yes,” the Master looked over his tied slave. She was a willing, pale-looking redhead with her mouth gagged and her arms tied behind her back, where she wore royal purple corset with garter straps that connected to her black laced stockings. Her legs were parted, revealing her clean shaved pussy. The Master was very delighted. “You look so… willing, aren’t you, Cora?”

Cora nodded. She was willing to do whatever her Master wanted her to do. The Master could only anticipate how much Cora enjoyed this. She was his boss by day, but his sub by night. At day, she would boss him around, giving him orders, but by night she would submit to any of his desires.

He then glared over to her with a question, “I bet you want to be pleased don’t you?”

Cora nodded. She mumbled something through her gag; only the Master could understand what she wanted.

He turned himself around walked over to the table to pick up a flogger that lied on top of it. The Master sauntered over to her and placed the tip of the flogger on the side of her shoulder, caressing it over to the other side of her neck. He then moved the flogger down her cleavage, where he gave soft taps against her purple corset. When the Master moved the flogger down to her mound, Cora let out a whimper. The Master was intrigued by her response.

He looked at her beautiful bud and played with it with his flogger. Cora, in response, elicited a moan. She closed her eyes to savor the sudden pleasure he was giving her. It gave the Master the chance to see she was off guard when he tapped her clit with his flogger.

Cora let out a yelp and jerked herself when she opened her eyes to the sudden sting. The Master leaned over to her and said, “That’s for riding my ass at work.” The Master tapped her clit once more. “That was also for making me take my lunch late. You know, I’m going to enjoy this, especially tapping your pussy with this.” He held out the flogger in his hand. “Then I’m going to make you cum afterwards.”

He held the flogger over her mound again and waited for the right moment. Cora looked back, wondering when he was going to sting her clit with the flogger. The Master gave her clit another whack, causing her to jump from the sudden sting.

The Master looked back with a sinister grin. “That must’ve hurt.”

He rubbed the flogger over her nub and began to sooth her swollen button in a circle motion. Cora let out whimpering sound, and just when she thought he was done. He gave her a very hard whack against her clit. The sound of the flogger hitting her clit was loud enough to make her shriek in agony. Who knew how much it must’ve hurt, but the feeling of her pain and her submission aroused him well enough.

“You know, I’m getting so turned on by this, I’m going to heal your pain with some pleasure.”

He returned to the table and set the flogger down. Then the Master unzipped his pants and took out his cock. He was hard her, throbbing over the thought of Cora’s pussy. He loved the way the flogger sounded over her freshly-shaved pussy. It sounded beautiful, so hot; all he needed to do now was make her cum hard and finish her off with his naughty plan.

He held himself in his hand, stroking it while he picked up a large vibrator with the cord connected to an extension cord. He walked over to her and turned it on. The Master placed the tip of the vibrator against her clit, as he watched her body react from the sudden contact.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” The Master looked over at her devilishly.

Cora nodded. She turned her head slowly, from side to side, relishing the feeling of it. The Master held the vibrator against her swollen clit to where her body bucked. He, at the same process, stroked himself, looking down at her pussy, thinking to himself how bad he wanted fuck her, sink himself into her wet entrance and swim in her passionate juices. He knew how wet Cora could get from this. She was into everything he was into, even another woman. The Master stroked his cock with all the devilish plans about her. He held the vibrator against her clit, while her moans increased.

Then he set the vibrator under her slit, making sure the vibration hit her clit enough to send her over the edge. He faced himself in front of her and stroked himself, making a strong eye contact with her. She wore a wanton look that could have him shooting his load in an instant. The Master could feel a nice ache growing under his balls with the urge to release, but Cora wasn’t yet close to her climax.

Then he climbed on the bed and grabbed her hair, while holding himself. He growled in her ear. “I want to hear you cum, you ball-busting bitch. You like busting my balls at work, I’m going to give you a busted nut, but you better hurry up and cum before I do something severe on you.”

He held Cora by the hair, while he stroked himself. Cora writhed her body and moaned through her gag. Her hips gyrated intensely, The Master was almost at the edge. He wanted her orgasm to meet his in full sync. To help add more eroticism, the Master licked the side of her neck, hoping it would trigger her climax, and indeed it did. Cora bucked her hips when she screamed through her gag. Her moans were loud and erotic. It was symphony to his ears.

Then the Master let go of her hair and removed the vibrator. He rubbed his cock vigorously until he let out a hiss and howl, shooting his cum all over her hot, clean shaven mound. He gazed into her eyes and saw her flutter it close, as she savored the feeling of hot cum splashing against her pussy. When he was spent, the two rested their heads over each other’s shoulders. The Master panted, it was a very hot orgasm the two shared together.

The he whispered, “That felt good. Did you enjoy it?” Cora, now with a rapture expression returned a nod at him. He continued, “I bet you like the feeling of a good hard cock throbbing inside you, don’t you?”

Cora nodded.

The Master gently pulled down her gag and kissed her lips. “But you have to earn that feeling, my dear. We’ll see how you’ll treat me tomorrow at work, then I’ll see if you deserve that juicy treat.”

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