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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Edits for Allison In Wonderland Has Arrived!

At the end of April 2016, Allison In Wonderland was completed and submitted to my editor in the following month for editing. Now there had been numerous delays, due to circumstances, but the story has finally arrived, after waiting six months. Now the reason why the edits took six months was because of circumstances that were beyond the control of me and my editor, and when the story arrived it was worth the wait.

I’m happily excited about the story. The story itself has turned out to be far better than the original, and what I plan on doing is promoting the hell out of it, since this story will finally be pushed back for January 2017, because the holidays are a tough time to promote books. I wanted to wait until after the holidays for the release, but me and my street team are going to promote the hell out of it, once I get the final cover of the story.

It took me an hour to think over the blurb of the story. It’s amazing how every author, including me can write a long novel, involving 50k words and over, but can’t write a blurb that is up to 100-200 words, but I managed to get it done.

This is a parody to a children’s story, but it is intended for adults with lots of sex scenes and fantasy adventure. When Allison and her step-brother, Steve, are pulled out of their world and into Wonderland, they discover not only a strange world, but chilling events that unfold before them. The only way these two could survive would be the love for each other. It is the only hope to defeat the Red Queen who wants to rule over Wonderland and return home to the real world.

This book contains scenes that I never thought I would write, but I had always wanted to write. I learned by writing this story it showed how creative I really am. I am so glad that I had someone to inspire me for writing the story. Thank you again, Sara Davis, for all the wonderful Alice In Wonderland pics from DeviantArt. They inspired me really well. In addition, thank you to a good friend, also my co-worker friend, Steve Robinson. I do hope you enjoy the story. So far, you were impressed by your character, and I’m glad.

Now that the story is able to move forward, I will begin giving away the first three chapters of the story, to give you the idea of what I write in this story. Can I tease you with the first three chapters of the story? I hope you’ll get hooked, because upon release, you’ll want to discover what will happen next.

Once I have the cover, I will host a cover reveal of the story. Stay tuned. I have more to blog about the release of the story!

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