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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Latest Blog Post on The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez: Promiscuity and Success 10/05/2016

It’s been a while since I have blogged about anything. For about five months, since I’ve completed the previous novel that’s currently in edits, Allison In Wonderland, I’ve been heavily busy developing a story that I’ve long wanted to write, and so far, it’s coming along fine – The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez: Promiscuity & Success.

When I originally wrote the story, I wanted to write a sexual adventure and a parody to one of my favorite porn stars in the industry, Meriesa Arroyo, respectively, but what I put into the story was far different than the life she lived. I wanted to create a character that wants to reject love, but gets a taste of loving someone that wasn’t controlling or argumentive. Meriesa was given the opportunity to be with someone, but deep down she didn’t want to be in a relationship she wasn’t happy with. When she turns down someone’s hand in marriage, she becomes free and single, and does something that most women wouldn’t think about, live a promiscuous lifestyle by having sex with anyone she meets on the internet – an adult social networking site that was founded by her friend called Fantasies With Benefits. From there, she ends up hooking up with someone that was very compatible to her, Benicio DeSouza.

Meriesa and Benicio’s first hookup was from an anonymous phone call conversation, where it led to more things to come. They later go on sexual adventures, where Meriesa gets to live out a few of her sexual fantasies with Benicio, at the same time catering to one of his own fantasies. Things were going very well between them, until she received a friend request from someone she hadn’t seen since high school, the founder of Fantasies With Benefits, Adela Giovanni.

Adela and Meriesa reconnects with Meriesa, as they share a number of sexual fantasies together during a three-day party. At the end of the party, Meriesa is given the opportunity to move with her to San Francisco and help manage the illicit sex parties around the Bay Area and Northern California. Meriesa was apprehensive about taking her up on the offer, until a life-change event occurs. She would now have to choose between staying in New York and be with Benicio, or move to San Francisco and work side-by-side with Adela.

So far, I’m already at 88k words, and what I may realize is that I’ll probably go even longer than expected. I was planning on shooting for 115-120k words, but at the rate the story is going, and there are a few more added scenes to help develop this story I may go longer.

I’m shooting for the 2017 release, but there’s no telling when. While I’m waiting for edits to Allison In Wonderland, I’m just working on the story, and hoping to finish as much as I can. I’m anticipating my completion around December or Jan, at most. It’s October, and there’s so far plenty of time, but I’m loving the feel of the story and I can’t wait to finish. Once the story is edited, I will announce the approximate release date.

The original story title was going to be Free & Promiscuous, giving the prequel a beginning of the story on how Meriesa ended up being promiscuous, but I realized that title of the story wasn’t at all necessary when all I could’ve done was change the format of the story, giving it a fun erotic tale with a touch of romance. The intention of the story was to create a sequel to my forthcoming Chateau Plasir, which will lead to another sequel and the final, in which I haven’t decided on the name for the final sequel.

Right now, it’s late. After 11pm PST, and it’s time to relax for the night. Stay tuned for my next post.

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