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Thursday, September 1, 2016

To The Person(s) That Likes to Report My Posts.

Over the past year, since the summer or fall of 2015, my lady and I had been harassed by someone or a number of people who have a problem with what we post, just don’t like us, or some who have a god-complex and feel they could whatever they can to us. I call those megalomaniacs, but it’s gotten way out of hand.

As many of you know what I write, and what my lady and I post are something that we enjoy doing like everyone here in the Facebook community. Apparently, there are people who have a problem with it, and either they are friends of yours, family, or just a number of other people that oversaw what you posted on your friend’s wall and have a problem with it.

I could only suspect a few people over the past few months, but that’s not enough. My question to them is why are you friends with me, if I don’t wear the same feather? And when you have to attack me on my author page, over a post that is considered tasteful, why are you following me? And if you’re not following me, what is your problem?

What I post on my author page is tasteful, and only meant to be tasteful. If you find those images disturbing, how? What is so disturbing about posting mostly affectionate people in black and white photos mainly? I, like many other people, choose to and love to post provocative photos to sell entertainment, not pornography. Do not confuse erotica with pornography. There are no penetrative shots going on, but what I really suspect is someone going through my profile, and my author page’s profile and find pics to report.
What good does that make for you? All what is going to do is make me more defiant, by keep posting erotic entertainment. It won’t change me, except make me stronger and push your buttons about my existence.

If you think God put you on earth to pick on people that are different than you, then my friend you’re going to be very disappointed. Instead of picking on people who write or post erotic images, why don’t you pick on people who promote hate in the most indirect way? There are probably more hateful posts on Facebook than erotic images on Facebook. Hell, it’s worse on Twitter. Try there.

But if you have a personal thing against me or my lady of twelve years, then the only person you hate is really yourself. I don’t have any pity for you if you want to continue to bully or harass us, and we’re not going to back down. And while you think you have the best of us, our existence is really getting the best of you.

Think of that.

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