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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 09/06/2016: Now's Not The Time

Hi. Happy Tuesday. 

You know, I almost didn't participate, because I was so deep into one of my stories, revising scenes before I send it off to my publisher, but I missed participating in this event as well. I'm really looking forward to tantalize you in 200 words.

Enjoy this naughty little snippet.

It’s what he wasn’t expecting all along when Peter burst in his bedroom to see his girlfriend in the arms with another women; someone he knew that would get him in some serious trouble. Lucy, his girlfriend was making out with another woman who belonged to his boss, Faye. Shit, this was no time to join in on the fun, even though the two were nearly naked, in pink and white laced lingerie. Faye had a very nice ass that equally matched Lucy’s shapely ass. He was nearly distracted by the seductive atmosphere that invited him. The look on their faces showed.

“Honey, don’t be all so excited,” Lucy said. Peter emphasized them to be quiet. He was really worried, and he wanted them to be quiet, because he had someone over, and it wasn’t what he hoped would come. Then Lucy gave a concerning look. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Her husband’s here. He doesn’t know she’s here.”

“Keenan? Oh my god.” Faye whispered. Her look was alarmed like the rest.

Peter nodded, watching Faye’s eyes widen with shock. She placed her hand over her mouth. This was going to be a long evening as she’ll have to remain silent throughout the time.

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