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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Tasters - 07/21/2016: Auditioning for Adela

Happy Thursday.

It's been a long time since I have been on here. As I've been working on completing some novels
One in particular is a novel I've been working on since 2012, and I started picking it up in 2015, where I want to make it the best erotic story I've ever written.

Anyways, here is a little snippet off the top of my head, featuring one of the characters in the story -- Adela Giovanni.

It's going to be a scorcher, so enjoy yourself on this one.

"Put your arms behind your back," Adela commanded Stan. He stood naked before her, as his hardness pointed directly towards Mina who stood wearing a black and white polka-dotted dress. She pointed to Mina with full sternness, "Strip."

Mina didn't hesitate to follow her command. She stripped out of her polka-dotted dress and immediately displayed her full nakedness before them. The only thing she had on was a black pair of stockings and heels. Adela remained subtle of her enjoyment. These two people don't know each other; they don't know each other's names, except Adela. Their sole purpose was to entertain her in a hotel suite in London.

Adela swiveled her chair slightly and said, "You two look adorable." She instructed Mina. "I want you to take his cock in your hand and place it between your legs. Then I want to see you two get to know each other. Do I make myself clear?"

Mina nodded, but she couldn't help herself when she palmed Stan's shaft in her hand. She gently rubbed his length, before taking another step closer to kiss his lips.

Adela was intrigued at how eager Mina was for Stan. Even Stan was just as eager as well, as the two explored each other's mouths with their tongues. The two don't even know each other and they were ravaging each other's mouths with their hot kisses.

Adela watched patiently, but she was feeling turned on. She felt a delicious ache growing inside her. In a way, she wanted to join in on them, but she didn't want to break her own rule of enjoyment. She wanted to remain discipline and watch these two entertain with their erotic dance. So far, she was enjoying what she was seeing; Stan was rocking his hips back and forth between Mina's legs. The scene was growing intense.

Mina wrapped her hands around his shoulder and neck and moved along his thrust. She wore the most wanton expression, where Adela almost parted her legs to touch herself, but she restrained herself, crossing her legs even tighter, while she heard Mina's moans fill the room.

Then out of nowhere, Stan let out a soft howl and slowed his thrusts, while he and Mina landed another hot kisses. It was very passionate. When Mina stepped away, her thighs were soaked from his cum, giving Adela the delight she was looking for. They made the audition.

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