Love Out Of Lust Series

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 07/19/2016: Aroused by Her Former Student

Happy Tuesday.

I have quite a hot snippet for you all to enjoy. 


Mina sat on the chair and read the letter that was written by one of her former students. She reconnected with him on Facebook, in an erotic reading forum, where she learned that her former student was a best-selling erotic author with a unique talent to arouse them. Although, he wrote under a different name, Mina was intrigued by his wonderful talent that she purchased the book herself.

After reading a few pages, Meriesa began to feel what other readers were feeling – aroused. Fuck, the way he used those words to describe a scene had her hand reaching under her skirt to touch herself. Her fingers made its way to her nub, and Mina was rubbing herself furiously with a sudden imagination of him doing her the way the book was written. She panted and moaned playing the thought of her former student pinning her against the wall, pumping her hard and deep, whispering dirty words in her ear, while she pressed her fingernails into his ass.

Her breathing quickened and her body jerked. The room was filled from the sound of her orgasm. That feeling was so wonderful, she nearly fell off her chair, but damn, could she be falling for her former student?

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