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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 07/12/2016: Kami's First Kiss

Happy Tuesday. 

I have a very erotic lesbian piece to share for you all. 

This piece was so hot, I had to fan myself from writing it. 


“Don’t be so nervous; just pretend you’re kissing your man,” Mia said to Kami breathlessly.

Kami closed her eyes and allowed her lips to graze along with hers. Could it be real? Was she really kissing a woman? She was used to kissing someone with hard bodies and hairy features on a man’s face, but the feeling of kissing another woman was different. Mia felt soft and sensual, and the way she inhaled her pheromones from the kiss left her wanting more. And fuck, she loved the way Mia moved her tongue inside her mouth; how the two exchanged something mystical and erotic at the same time. As she grew more comfortable, Kami wrapped her arms over the softness of her curves.

Mia spoke into her kisses. “You’re a natural at this.”

“Don’t stop,” Kami responded seductively. She wanted more of her, and she couldn’t wait to take it further, where the two would lie naked on the bed and explore each other’s bodies. Kami and Mia continued to kiss, this time more lustful than the first time. The taste from her kiss left a delicious sensation in her core. She could really get used to this – really get used to this.

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