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Friday, July 22, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 07/22/2016: The Birthday Guest of Honor

Happy Friday.

It was a bit tough today, since I was at the doctors and I had to come up with something in 100 words

The toughest part of the snippet was trying to keep it at one hundred words, where I couldn't help going over a few times. I had to find ways to shorten it, without ruining it.

This mansion gave me a muse to write more. 

Anyways, enjoy the read.

Dalia waited patiently in the backyard, by the pool, behind the three-story mansion for Mr. Parker. She was hired to as his escort service, but damn, she would've never thought she would perform in this beautiful neighborhood. He had a large swimming pool that fitted the area of the house.

Then Mr. Parker came by, dressed in a black tuxedo. He approached her and said, "Welcome, please take off your clothes."

Dalia did what he requested, and seconds later a beautiful blonde wearing a white lingerie appeared in her white heels. She was beautiful when she grinned at her. "Oh honey, my birthday present arrived."

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  1. Hot flash, Ray. Would love to read more about their night