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Friday, July 15, 2016

Flash Fiction Friday - 07/15/2016: Dream A Little Dream

Happy Friday.

I'm away in California, enjoying the fun and sun, and celebrating someone's birthday in the Bay Area.
This little flash fiction I chose was something I wanted to reflect where I'm going -- San Francisco and the surrounding areas. 

This is the picture of Dubcoe Park; the park that features all these beautiful Victorian homes and the serene San Francisco skyline in the background. 

Anyways, here is my flash. I had to revise it a few times, since I was over tremendously.


"I can't believe we are doing this!" Delia said to Sheila. "We'd just dropped everything in New York and escaped to San Francisco. Do you think our parents are going to worry about us?"

"Why should they?" Sheila shrugged. "They weren't concerned about us when they cut us off." She turned to Delia and leaned her head over her stomach. "You know, one day, you and I are going to own a house here next to this park."

"You sure talk a big dream, but I like your kind of dream."

The two gazed in each other's eyes, before landing a kiss."

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  1. I hope their dreams come true. Romantic flasher

  2. Mmmmmm love this!! This would be a definite dream come true as it makes me think of someone special. Awesome flash.